Beginner Guide To Start Business in Japan

start business in japan

This guide is intended to give you a general idea about how to start business in Japan. Especially if you are a foreign national, there are significant challenges and opportunities to start business in Japan.

In this session, we will discuss only the pre-requirement to start business in Japan. After reading this beginner guide, you can read the comprehensive guide to start business in Japan, including the costs. For your convenience, we have given the link for a comprehensive guide below.

Guide To Start Business in Japan

  1. Beginner Guide
  2. Comprehensive Guide

Beginner Guide To Start Business in Japan

This guideline is targeted at two types of audiences: foreign nationals in Japan currently but have a different Japanese visa. Secondly – foreign nationals who do not have a Japanese visa but thinking about starting a business in Japan.

Let’s start with the first scenario.

1.a: For Those Who Are in Japan Currently in Different Visa

If you are serious about starting a business in Japan and already in Japan, it will be easier for you to start.

First and foremost, you should have known about the visa category and its authorized activities. If you want to start a business in Japan, your visa category should be fall under Business Manager Visa.

In this context, you must complete your corporation registration while your visa period is still valid in Japan.

After the completion of corporation registration, you need to change your visa status. That means you should obtain the status of residence for the category of Business Manager or Investor.

There might be three possible causes for the foreign nationals while changing the visa status to Business Manager Visa in Japan.

First one — if you are already in Japan with four monthly Business Manager Visa, you can apply for an extension of stay and change your visa status to 1-year Business Manager Visa.

Secondly —- if you have another visa status rather than Business Manager Visa, you should apply for a Change of Status of Residence to a 1-year Business Manager Visa.

Thirdly — if you meet the requirements for a Highly Skilled Professional Visa, you can apply for a Change of Status of Residence to a Highly Skilled Professional Visa. Highly Skilled Professional Visa status allows you to have permanent residence in Japan.

In concluding, for those in another visa status other than a Business Manager Visa, you must first register the corporation. Then you must obtain a status of Residence in Japan to start the business.

1.b Foreign Nationals Who Do Not Have Japanese Visa

If you do not have a Japanese visa, you can apply for Business Manager Visa from your home country.

Business Manage Visa, sometimes called a Japanese Investor Visa, is introduced to make it easier for a foreigner to make necessary preparations to start a business in Japan.

If your application for Business Manager Visa is successful, you will obtain a resident card. After getting a resident card, it will be more convenient for you to secure office space and open a bank account.

The complete procedure to obtain a Japanese Business Manager or Investor Visa is explained in the link given below.

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