About Us

We are the team who really deserve to discover interesting, valuable and latest information and share with the public. Our contents are mainly oriented to the life of overseas. We have our team members from different countries in the world to provide the valuable information and beneficial content to those who are in abroad or planning to be in near future.

When you come to NepSort to learn something, you will get trusted facts of your query from our team members who are living in overseas for a while.

We provide free information and advice to expats over more than 25 countries by sharing their experience. At the same time, we tried to cover some entertainment and tech news in your location.

We are receiving many positive inspirations from our visitors for creating the trip for their holiday.

Additionally, We also share practical day to day trusted technology tips, news, reviews, and advice to make your life, even more, easier in overseas.


Our goal is to help all those living or wishing to live overseas: you can also participate by sharing your experience in overseas.

If you want to contribute to our websites, Contact Us !

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