Job Description:

We are looking for English writer someone to create and manage a blog series to inspire and help others in their life and their professional carrier.

If you have deep desire to make a positive impact in human lives, we are offering you to join your hands to help those really need us.


  • The writer must have great-to-excellent understanding of the English language and must demonstrate ability to write legible content.
  • The writer must have good communication skills, good internet connection and available whenever we contact.
  • The writer must have good research skills and must be willing to accommodate to our writing need.
  • The article must be original; no plagiarism and not copied from anywhere.
  • The writer must be aware of SEO with the proper position of keyword on articles.
  • The articles must be well researched and SEO ready.
  • The article must contain at least one picture and have to provide the credential information of picture you use. You are not allowed to use unauthorized pictures.
  • If it is a step by step information guide you can use more than one picture.
  • Article length must be at least 3500 word counts.
  • You must be able to follow instructions. None of our instruction is complicated.
  • You have to add hyperlinks whenever required.
  • We also expect our writers to proofread their work and run a Word spell and grammar check before sending them to us.
  • Your draft should contain minimal/no grammar, capitalization, and spelling errors.
  • Your writing should be simple, concise, factual and user friendly while reading.
  • At last your article must pass our copyright and plagiarism policy.
  • If any of the content you send is copied from any WebPages you will be permanently banned from Nepsort Inc and you will not received any payments for those contents.
  • You will be assigned at most two categories based on our website.
  • The topics that you can select is given in the section below.

If you think these traits describe you then please respond with complete information on the form given below.

Candidates Required:


How much will you earn from each articles?

As soon as you are selected for the certain topics, you can create a blog series in an assigned topics.

The more you write the more you will be paid.

Basically we categorized the payment for articles into three ways.

  1. 1000 to 1500 words count : Nrs. 200.00
  2. 1550 to 2000 words count : Nrs. 300.00
  3. More than 3000s words count: Nrs. 400.00

Note: For the Videos, it must be at least 5 minutes high quality video. Topic for the video will be provided from us. Each video will be paid Nrs. 150.00.

When will you get paid?

You will be paid at the 1st of every months.

How will you receive a payment?

You will receive a payment through the bank. You must have a bank account on A class bank of Nepal. We prefer you to have a bank account in Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd.

At every 1st of the month, amount will be deposited in your account.

All payments are in Nrs.

Selection Process:

Interested candidates must fill out the form given below. After we receive your details we will notified you through an email about further process. Once you are selected, you will start to earn from the very first day of your task.

Topics You Can Write:

  1. News:

This includes any of the current trending news around the globe. Especially we are focused on immediate viral news. This might be of any categories mentioned below.

  1. Entertainment:

This includes the topics regarding any movies, celebrities, reality shows, online games, games reviews, musical instruments, wrestling ,  musical bands, music techniques, singing, songs and songs writing, acting, dance shows, talent shows, or any of your creative topics related to entertainment categories.

  1. Travel:

a) Destinations:

Asia: Nepal, India, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia

Australia & Oceans: Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia

Central American and Caribbean

Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ireland

Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico

South America

b) Family Vacations

c) Travel Tips:

Life in Overseas (any specific country), Travel Documentation, Travel Planning, Public Transport Information, Road and Rail Travel, Cheap Travel, Travel Safety and Security, Travel Cruise, Travel experiences or any of your creative topics related to travel categories.

  1. Tech:

a) Basic Computer Skills

b) Buying Consumer Electronics

c) Selecting and Buying a Computer

d) Ethical Hacking

e) Hardware : External Components • Internal Components • Cabling and Wiring Connection

f) Internet :Downloading • AOL Internet Provider • How To Topics • Internet Forums and Message Boards • Internet Security • Internet Browsers • Email and Instant Messaging • Website Application Instructions • Website and Blog Creation • Internet Memes • Internet Streaming Services

g) Laptops: Laptop Batteries • Laptop Maintenance and Repair • Mac Book • Chrome book

h) Maintenance and Repair: System Maintenance and Repair • Hardware Maintenance and Repair

i) Networking

j) Wireless Networking

k) Operating Systems: Linux • Windows • Mac

l) Phones and Gadgets: Bluetooth • Mobile Operating Systems • Robots • Telephone Providers • Calculators • Smartphone’s • GPS • Portable Media Players • Cell Phones • Communications Monitoring • Mobile Features

m) Software: Media • Graphics • Install & Uninstall Software • Software Testing • Web Programming • Media Software • MySQL • Adobe Software • CAD Software • Accounting Software • Office • Virtual Machines • File Manipulation • Programming • Migration Software

n) Tablet Computers

o) iPad

p) TV and Home Audio: Home Theater • Television • Home Audio

q) Video Games: PC Games • Electronic Game Strategies • Arcade Games • PlayStation Video Game Consoles • Multi Platform Games • Emulators and ROMs • Video Game Creation • Nintendo Video Game Consoles • Xbox • Video Game Console Maintenance and Repair • Buying and Selling Video Games • Steam Games

  1. Science:

Trending Science News, Engineering, Environmental Science, Innovation, Life Science, Military, Physical Science, Science Dictionary, Science vs Myth, Transportation or any of your creative topics related to science and innovation.

  1. Business:

a) Auctions

b) Auction Sites

c) Banks and Financial Institutions: Banking and Finance Law • Checks and Checkbooks • Lending • Money Transfers • Online Banking • Opening a Bank Account • Payment Cards • Using Automated Teller Machines • Credit Rating • Personal Savings • Counterfeit Money

d) Business: Customer Relations • Business by Industry • Business Personnel • Running a Business • Starting a Business • Business Skills • Business Promotion • Business Security • Business Communications and Information Technology

e) Finance Careers

f) Fundraising and Charity: Crowdfunding • School Fundraising • Car Donations • Clothing Donations • Fundraising for Animals • Raffles

g) Investments and Trading: Financial Stocks • Financial Bonds • Financial Ratios • Precious Metals Investment • Foreign Exchange Market • Mineral and Energy Investment • Investing in Real Estate

h) Legal Matters: Retaining a Lawyer • Intellectual Property • Wills and Testaments • Contracts and Legal Agreements • Animals and the Law • Vehicles and the Law • Vital Records • Freedom of Information Processes • Family Law • Property Law • Consumer Protection Law • Employment Law • Health Law • Anti Discrimination Law • Sports Law • Tort Law • Malpractice and Misconduct • Court Practice and Procedure • Missing Persons • Communications Law • Public Law • Legal Careers • Law Enforcement • Banking and Finance Law • Corporate Law • Criminal Law • Alternative Dispute Resolution • Trust Law

i) Managing Your Money: Budgeting • Recession • Making Money • Frugality • Personal Income • Wealth • Payment Cards • Managing Personal Debt • Financing Retirement • Personal Savings • Handling and Storing Money • Working with Financial Experts • Passive Income

j) Mobile Payment Systems: PayPal • Venmo • Apple Pay • Square App • e-sewa

k) Real Estate: Renting • Selling Property • Buying Property • Property Loans and Mortgages • Commercial Real Estate • Investing in Real Estate • Property Law • Real Estate Businesses • Vacation Real Estate

l) Risk Management

m) Insurance

n) Sharing Economy: Cryptocurrencies • Couchsurfing • Freecycling

o) Shopping: Shopping Online • Ethical Consumerism • Sales and Bargain Shopping • Buying Goods by Type • Consumer Education • Dealing with Retailers and Salespeople • Shopping Cards and Vouchers • Returns Refunds and Exchanges • Retail Self Checkouts

  1. Sports:

a) For the Fan: Fans of Baseball • Fans of Football • Fans of Hockey • Fans of Basketball • Fans of Cricket

b) Individual Sports: Bicycling • Racket Sports • Surfing • Swimming and Diving • Parkour • Inline and Roller Skating • Trampoline • Cue Sports • Bowling • Combat Sports • Archery • Ice and Figure Skating • Snow Skiing • Water Skiing • Track and Field • Snowboarding • Baton Twirling • Golf • Skateboarding • Air Sports • Gymnastics • Canoes, Kayaks, and Rowboats

c) Olympics

d) Outdoor Recreation: Backpacking and Hiking • Camping • Fishing • Hunting • Outdoor Safety • Climbing • Scouting & Other Youth Groups • Winter Outdoor Activities • Caving and Spelunking • Guns and Shooting • Enjoying the Great Outdoors • Knot Tying • Enjoying the Beach • Map and Orienteering Skills • Outdoor Treasure Hunting

e) Personal Fitness: Callisthenic Exercises • Cardio Exercises • Warm Ups Stretching and Flexibility • Gym • Hooping • Running for Fitness • Walking for Fitness • Motivation to Exercise • Building Muscle & Strength • Pilates

f) Sports Leadership

g) Team Sports: Baseball • Ice Hockey • Table Tennis • Volleyball • Water Polo • Cheerleading • Cricket • Softball • Field Hockey and Lacrosse • Basketball • Dodgeball • Football • Netball • Airsoft • Soccer • Paintball • Rowing

  1. World

a) News and Information of contemporary rising issues, life style, job opportunities, current political issues of Asia, Middle East, Australia, Europe, Canada, USA, Africa.

b) Citizenship and Immigration

c) Immigration policies of Canada

d) Immigration policies of USA

e) Immigration policies of Australia

f) Working visa opportunities

g) Green Card Policies

h) Asylum related topics

i) Opportunities for international students

j) Visa information

k) Visa interview

l) Government

m) Careers in Government

n) Political Campaigning and Participation

  1. Apps:

a) How To: Android Tips, Android Fix, iOS Fix, iOS Tips and Tricks

b) News of Newly launched Apps

c) Apps for Smartphones

d) App Reviews

e) Apps related to Health

f) Gaming Apps

g) Best must have Apps

h) Products


a) Software

b) Programs for Windows and Mac

c) Application for Computers and Mobile Phones

  1. Jobs:

Job related topics and vacancies especially in Middle East, USA, Europe

  1. How To:

Innovative topics starting from how to, How to Tips and Tricks. This topic might include all sectors how to queries.

  1. Price List:

a) Air Tickets

b) Smartphones

c) Desktop Computers

d) Laptops

e) Insurance all

f) Auto

g) Holiday Trips

  1. Money Online:

Ways to make money online

a) Blogging

b) YouTube

c) Different Affiliate Programs

  1. Videos:

We are looking for highly dynamic, experienced movie maker. Topics will be provided from us. We are offering attractive wages for video maker; for further information contact us via the form mentioned below.

Important Notes:

Interested candidates must fill out the form given below.

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