These Are Most Popular Jobs For Foreigners in Japan

Most Popular Jobs for Foreigners in Japan

NepSort brings you a new updated list of the most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan. This result is backed by the survey conducted by NepSor Inc in Japan.

According to the latest statistics from the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry of Japan, a record number of about 1.28 million of foreign nationals are working in Japan as of October of 2017.

There are several ways that foreign nationals can work part-time as well as a full-time job in Japan. Latest trends show that many foreign nations who came in student status find the full-time job after graduation. Besides that, working holiday visa, business manager visa, skilled professional visas are some of which most of the foreigners are engaged in a full-time job in Japan.

The followings are some most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan for the last few years.

Most Popular Jobs For Foreigners in Japan

1) English Teacher

Despite the era of tremendously expanding information and technology; English teacher job is still one of the most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan. It is true that the situation of English teacher in Japan in terms of facility and earnings are not quite the same as what it was in the time of late 90s or early 2000.

At that time people share their experience that as being an English teacher, it was more than enough to enjoy the life, making a frequent trip to the home country with enough savings.

But these days, earning is not enough to do everything as you want like before. However, since English teacher jobs are available in all Japan’s 47 prefectures and are a more flexible job in comparison to others; maximum numbers of foreign nationals are still engaging as an English teacher in Japan.

2) IT Professional

Unlikely USA, Australia, UK; Japanese technology firms are not quite bit more interested to offshore to India and other countries in the world. Many Japanese information technology firms are more likely to hire Japanese nationals as well as skilled foreign professionals. Due to this reason, many foreigners can easily find the job in IT profession if they have been working in this field or even if they recently graduated from an IT course in Japan.

In terms of salary other facilities, IT profession is taken as one of the best jobs for expats in Japan, That’s why IT profession is one of the most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan.

If you are interested in this field, find more information about job finding tips in Japan in the link given below.

3) Translator/Interpreter

Honestly speaking, translation and interpreting job are equally popular as English teacher job in Japan. Many Japanese business firm, gaming technology firm, international agencies residing in Japan, government and other non-government entities are hiring the translator for Japanese to English as other many languages too.

If you can speak more than 3 languages in Japan, you might have a great chance to get a translator job in Japan.

As being a translator, it is equally more chances to get the freelancing job. Thus, a translator is also one of the most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan.

4) Engineering

There are many Japanese companies such as electronics, automotive, heavy equipment manufacturing who requires the higher numbers of engineers. Mitsui Group, Mitsubishi, Midori Kai, Furukawa Group, Nissan, Toyota, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Panasonic, Suzuki, Subaru Corporation are some major companies which are seeking engineers in Japan.

Same as like IT professionals, these companies are not likely to offshore. Thus, there are higher chances to get an engineering job either if you complete your degree in a related field in Japan or if you have sufficient experience in any engineering field.

5) Sales Staff

To access the international market by globalizing the companies and firm; many electronics, automotive, other manufacturing industry as well as banking industries are more likely to hire foreign nationals as sales staff. This includes international sales manager, sales supervisor, sales support staff and other representatives in companies.

6) Investment Banking

Jobs in investment banks such as bankers and IT staff is one of the most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan. Many foreign investment banks hire significant numbers of foreign nations in these positions.

Even though there might be little bit more competition to get the job but once you get hired Japanese language skills are not that much required in this field. In terms of salary and other facilities, these jobs are good enough than other manufacturing and industrial jobs.

Thus, more foreign nationals are interested in the investment banking jobs in Japan since last few years.

7) Service Staff

Once if you complete the minimum level of Japanese language skills, service staff jobs can be found easily in the Japanese market. The tourism industry, hotels, resorts, cafes, franchise business and many other fast food restaurants are some which hire the numbers of foreigners as service staff in Japan.

8) General Office Work

Many foreign nationals who work as English teacher finds general office work in Japan. Especially if you have excellent Japanese language skills, if you research little bit; you can find the general office work in Japan. It is also one of the most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan.

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9) Business Manager

Many foreign nationals who works as a sales manager, sales supervisor, and other sales and support jobs in manufacturing and industrial organization upgrade themselves as business manager. If you have excellent communication skills and years of experience, many foreign investment Japanese companies hire foreign nationals as business manager.

In recent years, managerial jobs in manufacturing and other industrial companies is one of the most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan.

10) Research and Professorship

Japan is one of the most vital hubs for research and development. In the field of robotics and applied physics sectors, Japan hires foreign nationals as researchers.

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