Important Tips to Find Full Time Jobs After Graduation in Japan

Find Full Time Jobs After Garduation in Japan

For most of the foreign nationals who are studying in Japan, the most recurring unanswered question nearby the graduation time is, “How to find full time jobs after graduation in Japan?”

Well, for some it is not that much difficult to find full time jobs after graduation in Japan; if you already have a systematic plan.

If you do not have any mind setup until the time of graduation, then it might really give you a tough time to find full time job related to your field of study.

Some past statics give a little bit long breath since the records show that the number of foreign students who find full time jobs after graduation in Japan are significantly increasing.

According to the data from the Ministry of Justice, only 5,878 students find full time job after their graduation in 2005. This number peaks to 15,657 which is more than double at the end of 2015.

However, it is still more competitive to find the right job in your field as soon as graduation. So, as we already mention that you should have an early plan to avoid the future obstacles.

Tips To Find Full Time Jobs After Graduation in Japan

Tips 1: Visa Status Change

Foremost: you should understand that– foreign nationals who want to work full time after graduation, you need to change your status of a resident to one which allows full time work in Japan. This can be Specialist in the Humanities/International Services or Engineer or any resident status which allow you to work full time.

Tips 2: Understanding the Schedule of Recruitment

Another important aspect that you should consider to find full time jobs after graduation in Japan is understanding the schedule for major recruitment season in Japan.

As we have seen the latest trend that the company information sessions for college students will start in March.

From March to June Company briefings seminars were conducted.

Finally, interview and testing periods will be from June to September and the company finally recruits in following April.

For an example, if you are in the 3rd year of your course in 2018, that means you are going to graduate in 2019. So, you have to attend the information session in March of 2018 and if everything goes on well your recruitment will be completed in April 2019.

Tips 3: Information Collection Methodologies for Right Job

3a. Using the School’s Careers Department

Careers Department of your associated school is the primary steps to start the job hunting process for the students in Japan. A person in the information desk of the Career department has years of experience who can guide as per your situation to proceed in the right way. So, do not hesitate to visit the School’s career department.

3b. Utilizing Employment Information Magazine

The government as well as Japan Student Services Organization usually publish Employment opportunity for international students. So proper utilization of these resources will help you to find the right job on time. The official website link for the Japan Student Services Organization is given below. Honestly speaking, it is very important resources to find the appropriate job as well as other various information that you might face in this duration.

3c. Utilizing the Employment Service Center for Foreigners

There are various service centers that support you to full time job after graduation in Japan. Some vital employment service centers are:

3d. Proper Utilization of Internet

These days almost all Japanese companies posted their job vacancy on the internet. So, you should properly utilize these tools.

3e. Always Participate in Joint Briefings and Seminars

Participation in joint briefings and seminar will let you understand and explore various information regarding the companies and vacancy they are offering. So, it is always the best idea to participate in those programs.

These complete the tips to find a full time job after graduation in Japan.

Besides these, it is always better to make a good network with your friends in Japan. Especially. If you made a warm relationship with your scenarios in school, that will also help you to find a job after graduation.


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