How To Make Free International Call

You may use these apps and plugins to make free international calls in any of these ways.

If you are looking for the best alternative methods for free international calls besides Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc., keep reading this post.

Cell phone providers charge you a lot of monthly money to make and receive international calls. It is expensive! You can save a lot of money by using the best alternative methods for free international calls.

We’ve collected a list of tried-and-true alternatives to the costly international calls, which NepSort’s Technology Group has evaluated.

You may easily make international calls for free using applications like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and other VoIP platforms and services. Their main disadvantage is that they don’t enable you to communicate with someone on a mobile or landline phone number; thus, the person you’re calling must have the same apps or services installed on their phone.

But these days, Viber and Skype also offer Viber or Skype calling services, but you should pay to use those services with comparatively higher costs.

If you want to avoid that, here are some of the best alternative methods for free international calls. These apps or websites listed below allow you to make free international calls in a direct mobile and landline number.

Below are the top findings of NepSort’s Technology Group after several tests and evaluations.

However, some free calling apps require earning credit for free international calls. You may view videos or refer the software or service to your friends. But anyway, if you want to save your money, these apps are the best alternative methods for free international calls.

So, with that said, let’s find out how to make a free international call from now on.

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Best Methods to Make Free International Call


Free Calling service by PopTox is the world’s first web browser-based app that does not require an app download. It will let you make free calls from your PC or Smartphone. You can use PopTox from any standard web browser.

With PopTox, you can make free phone calls to all mobile and landline numbers.

There is no registration and payment needed to use PopTox free calling app.

Follow these steps to make free calls using PopTox.

Step 1: Go to, you will see a homepage with a dial pad.

free international call

Step 2: Select the country you want to make a call to and enter the recipient’s phone number with country code.

free international call

Step 3: Hit the green call button and make a call.

free international call

Vonage Mobile

With the Vonage Mobile app, you can make a free international call in more than 200 countries. Unlikely other apps, Vonage Mobile, requires both users to install the app on their ends.

Vonage Mobile uses the same phone number to connect with other users to make free phone calls, text messages, and video calls.

But if you earn credit in Vonage Mobile app, you can use that credit to call non-users like mobile phones and landlines.

Vonage is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Vonage web and desktop applications for both Mac and PC are also available.

Likewise, you can add Vonage extension to your browsers. Extention can be added on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Therefore, to make a free call from Vonage you can download apps on your mobile phone. Similarly, download the desktop applications as well as add extensions to your browser.


Like PopTox, CitrusTel is also a browser-based international calling app.

CitrusTel works on any computer, Mac, or Smartphone as long as you have a standard browser.

With CitrusTel, you can make free phone calls to all mobile and landline numbers.

Like PopTox, CitrusTel also does not require any registration and payment to use the free calling app.

It is easy to use a web-based service to make free international calls.

In three easy steps, you can make a free call via CitrusTel.

Step 1: Go to You will see a dial pad on the homepage.

free international call

Step 2: Select a country, country code, and add the recipient’s number.

free international call

Step 3: Make a call by hitting the green call button.

free international call


VoIPBuster is a more versatile tool to use for making a free international call.

VoIPBuster is available as a software program on PC, Mobile apps for both Android and iOS, as well as browser-based calling.

VoIPBuster has listed the name of the countries you will be able to make free calls on its home page.

These few simple steps to make free international calls by using VoIPBuster:

Step 1: Go to where you can find the list of names of the countries you can make a call via this application.

free international call

Step 2: There is a small section under the list of country’s names where you can enter recipients and your phone numbers. Click there, it will ask you to sign up.

Step 3: After signing up you can enter both phone numbers and hit the call button.


WhatsCall is also another app-based free international calling tool. It is an Android-based application.

WhatsCall app is available on google play to download.

The best part of the WhatsCall app is that you don’t need to have an internet connection on your receiving end side; only you need to have installed the app of WhatsCall.

You can just download and make a call.

You can earn everyday credits to add to your account to make a free international call from WhatsCall.


Libon is another VoIP free calling App.

According to the users’ rating, it is also one of the most popular free calling apps.

Libon to Libon is unlimited free call, however for the Libon to none-Libon, you will get 30 minutes per month free talk time.

Similarly, You can purchase a Libon package for a low price to make premium international calls almost all over the world.

You can visit to see the list of countries to make a call.

Search for the countries to make a call. Enter the countries name.

It will show you a low premium service charge.


Note that by the time and conditions, they might have changed their offers. For more details and offers, you can visit their official website from the link given above.

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