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Libon app is one of the popular calling app for national and international for both mobile and landlines. Libon App is available for android version, iOS version, and even for the web too.If you earn some credit, it is possible to make a free call all over the world with somewhat of tricks and with the help of some app.

What is Libon App?

Libon is the new revolutionary communication app which is available for android, iOS and even for the web too. You can make an unlimited call from Libon app more than 100 countries over the world.

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Key Features of Libon App:

Free instant messages to all your Libon contacts.

Unlimited free calls to all Libon users without any country barrier.

Customized voicemail for each of your contacts, you can either record or type.

You can see all of your voicemail in a single glance, and choose which one you want to listen to first. Libon free calls are also available to normal mobiles, that is called

Libon Out, this is the cheap calling option   to more than 100 destinations all over the world.  You can use free minutes and buy credit to make this calls.

How to make free call from Libon app?

Whenever you invite your friends to Libon, you will earn 120 minutes free call credit. At a same time if the friend you invited joins the Libon, you will earn 30 minutes credit. With these credits, you can make a free call more than 100 countries of the world.

Libon App:

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