Job Bank Registration For Canada Immigration Process

job bank registration canada process canada

Job bank registration for the Canadian immigration process is crucial for your Canadian immigration journey. This article will walk you out through the step-by-step guide.

What is the Job Bank Registration Canada process?

The job bank is the vital source for jobs and labor market information of Canada. It offers users free occupational and career information such as job opportunities, educational requirements, primary duties, wage rates, salaries, current employment trends, and outlooks.

Job banks help work search, make carrier decisions, and find out which jobs demand much more.

What is Job Seeker Account?

A job seeker is also another important term related to Job bank registration Canada Process. Jobseeker account is those people account who are seeking jobs in the market of Canada. It is an online account to find out your information by the employers too.

What is a Job Match?

Job match is the process to match the job seeker profile with the employer’s job offers. This process connects employer and employee through which employee could get a valid job offer from Canada.

Steps for Job Bank Registration Canada Process

The very first thing is you do not have to create a Job Bank account. You have to create a Job match account.

To register for the Job match service, go through the link

There are a total of four steps for registration

Step 1) Enter Account Information

Enter your name, email id, desired password, etc., and proceed to the next level.

Step 2) Confirm Your Email

Check the email that you entered in the previous step for a confirmation code. Enter this code and click on continue to proceed to the next level.

Step 3) Enter Your Job Seeker Validation Code

You will be required to enter the ‘Job Seeker Validation Code’ here. Select that you are a Federal skilled program candidate and enter the code. Click on continue to proceed to the next level.

Step 4) Answer Security Questions

Choose security questions and answers and complete the registration process.

Now you will receive a “successful registration of account” email.

Check that MYCIC has updated your job bank status, and your profile should be in the ‘Open’ state now.


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