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Step by Step Process for Canada Student Visa Process ; Apply Now

canada student visa process

If you are looking for the Canada student visa process, you are in the right place where you can get all information regarding Canada student visa processing system and its steps.

Here we listed the step by step process for Canada student visa process, let’s get started.

Step by Step List for Canada Student Visa Process

canada student visa process

Complete Steps for Canada Student Visa Process

Every year more than 130,000 international students come to study in Canada and even more come to Canada to learn English or French. There is no reason why this cannot be you too!

The very first basic concern is if you are intended to study in Canada you need a “Study Permit”.

Study Permit is issued by the Canadian government and which allow you to stay and study in Canada for a temporary period. In the Study Permit, your educational institution and course of study is specified.

The very first step for processing the student visa is Canada is filing the Form IMM 1294. This Form IMM 1294 is specifically used by those who want to apply for a study permit.

Once your Study Permit is approved you are limited to study a certain school, or a certain course of study.

Study Permits sometime called as TRV. TRV means Temporary Resident Visa.

You need to show an officer that you will be studying in Canada for a fixed temporary period.

Requirements of Canada Student Visa Process

To qualify for Student Permit

  • You must have acceptance from an educational institution of Canada i.e. Universities and College of Canada. If you have acceptance letter from Universities you will have the high acceptance rate.


  • You have to show your income source and property evaluation in accordance to your annual tuition fee and living expenses in Canada so that you can prove you can easily afford to your study and living expenses over there.


  • You have to give a perfect plan and reason why you will come back to your country after completion of your study. For this you can make any plan related to your field of study. Let’s say if somebody is applying for the business Course they can say that they are planning to run a business organization and i will play the role f accounting or manager or whatever it be…


  • You must not have by law-abiding and record of criminal activity.


  • You must have a good health with complete medical examination.

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Frequently Asked Question about Canada Student Visa Processing

  • How long can I study in Canada?

Basically you can stay in Canada as a student for the duration of your Study permit. In many cases student can apply for the extension after completion of one level of study in Canada. If you are applying for Undergraduate study, after completion of Undergraduate study you can apply for graduate level course.

For those who got Graduate level, after completion of Graduate level they can apply for work permit and they can extension their visa.

  • Can I work while I am studying n Student Visa?

Yes, of course you can work in the Student status too but there are some circumstances

  1. If your employment is on-Campus
  2. The international student is the recipient of a scholarship
  3. If the work has been certified as being an integral part of the program of study
  4. If the work consists of academic research or a post-doctoral fellowship
  5. If the work takes place after graduation in a field related to the program of study
  6. It is a good aspect of Canada in comparison to USA; the Spouse of international students are eligible to work temporarily in Canada
  • Can I extend my student Visa in Canada?

Yes, of course. For this only you need to file Form IMM 1249. The Form IMM 1294 is submitted for changing conditions or to extend your visa in Canada as a student.

Note: It is important to apply for visa extension at least 30 days before your current visa expires.

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