Canada Immigration Points Calculator – CRS Calculator

Canada Immigration Points Calculator - CRS Calculator - Calculate Your CRS Points

This article will explain about Canada immigration points calculator which is also known as CRS calculator. The “CRS” — comprehensive ranking system, is a completely point-based system that is used to assess and score your Express Entry profile in an Express Entry pool.

If you are curious about how exactly Canada immigration points calculator calculates your CRS score, this article might be helpful for you. Here we have discussed some core concepts about CRS point calculation system which will help you to boost your CRS points. Remember that having higher CRS score is the major breakthrough for your Canadian immigration journey.

CRS points are based on your skills, works experience, language ability, education and other factors. Let’s look the detail about how comprehensive ranking system works.

Canada Immigration Points Calculator – CRS Calculator

CRS score is calculated on the basis of the following three criteria:

  1. Core Human Capital (Skills and Experience): 500/1200
  2. Skills Transferability: 100/1200
  3. Additional Factors: 600/1200

1) Core Human Capital

The core human capital part of CRS score is evaluated based on your age, level of education, official languages proficiency, and Canadian work experience. Points are assigned differently depending on whether or not you are applying with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner:

 Core Human Capital Without an accompanying spouse or common-law partner With an accompanying spouse or common-law partner
Factor Maximum Points Maximum Points
Age 110 100
Level of education 150 140
Official languages proficiency 160 150
Canadian work experience 80 70

If you are applying with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, you are also assigned points based on their level of education, official language proficiency, and Canadian work experience:

Spouse or Common-Law Partner
Factor Maximum Points
Level of education 10
Official language proficiency 20
Canadian work experience 10

Whether the candidate is applying alone or with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, he or she can claim a maximum of 500 points under the ‘Core Human Capital’ factor.

2) Skill Transferability

Candidates are awarded up to 100 points under the ‘Skills Transferability’ factor for:


Skills Transferability
Education Points per factor

(Maximum 50 points)

With a post-secondary degree and good/strong official languages proficiency 50
With a post-secondary degree and Canadian work experience 50
Foreign work experience Points per factor

(Maximum 50 points)

Foreign work experience and good/strong official languages proficiency 50
Foreign work experience and Canadian work experience 50
Certificate of qualification

(for people in a trade occupation)

Points per factor

(Maximum 50 points)

With a certificate of qualification and good/strong official languages proficiency 50

3) Additional Factors

Candidates can claim up to 600 points under ‘Additional Factors’ by receiving a nomination from a Canadian province, having a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, or having Canadian educational credentials.

Factor Maximum Points
Provincial nomination 600
Arranged employment 200
Canadian educational credentials 30


If you want to visit the official website link for the CRS point calculator  to calculate your points, please visit — Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool: skilled immigrants (Express Entry).


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