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How to activate NTC 4G Service? 4G Internet in NTC Mobile

activate ntc 4g service in mobile phone

If you are looking for how to activate NTC 4G in your mobile device, you are in right place. Here you will get all information regarding how to activate NTC 4G, who can use the NTC 4G service and where you can use the NTC 4G service.

Nepal Telecom launched 4G mobile network service in 17thPoush 2073. It is the great achievement for our country to use fastest and reliable mobile network services.

Evolution of cellular network varies from generation to generation. Upgrading the capacity of cellular network as per the upgrading features of the phones is essential elements of the mobile network distributing company.

Who can use NTC 4G service?

Right now if you are using NTC GSM Postpaid within Kathmandu or Pokhara, you can use NTC 4G service.

All GSM postpaid SIM does not support NTC 4G service, if you have new SIM card only then it will support NTC 4G service otherwise contact to the Nepal Telecom office to change new SIM card.

All Mobile phone using in Nepal does not support 4G LTE, make sure that your phone support 4G LTE.

If you want to check either your phone support 4G service or not, go through the link given below.

4G Support Mobile Phone in Nepal

Some phone has the setting to enable or disable 4G service, make sure that 4G LTE is enabled.

How to activate NTC 4G Service?

It is very easy to activate NTC 4G in your phone

Step 1:

Dial *444# and hit call button

Step 2:

Type 1 and Send it

In most cases your request might not completed in one time. Keep on trying until you will receive one of the messages listed below.

Successful Activation Message: “4G_promo_pack has been activated. The offer is valid till YYMMDD HH:MM:SS”

If your SIM is not compatible, you will receive this message: “Your SIM card needs to be UPGRADE to USIM. Please replace your SIM card from Nepal Telecom mobile counters. Thank You-Nepal Telecom”

Note: NRs. 50 will be charged to your regular billing as the activation charge for 4G service.

Read Detail Procedure in Nepali:

Nepali Version – How to Activate NTC 4G Service


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