4G Support Mobile Phone in Nepal – All 4G Support Mobile Phone in Nepal

4G support mobile phone list in Nepal

If you are looking for a 4G support mobile phone list available in Nepal, you are in the right place. Here, we will provide you a complete list of 4G support Mobile Phone lists in Nepal.

Recently, Nepal Telecom brings 4G service in Nepal, but all mobile phone used in Nepal does not support 4G LTE mode. We receive a message from our visitors that either their mobile phone support $G or not. If you are still in confusion, here you can get your answer.

4G Support Mobile Phone in Nepal – All 4G Support Mobile Phone in Nepal

Brand: Apple (iPhone)

S.NMake – Model
1iPhone 7 Plus
2iPhone 7
3iPhone 6s Plus
4iPhone 6s
5iPhone 6 Plus
6iPhone 6
7iPhone SE
8iPhone 5s

Brand: Samsung

S.NMake – Model
1Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
2Samsung Galaxy J7 2016
3Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime
4Samsung Galaxy J5 2016
5Samsung Galaxy J7
6Samsung Galaxy J5
7Samsung Galaxy J3 2016
8Samsung Galaxy J2 2016
9Samsung Galaxy J1 2016
10Galaxy Alpha
11Galaxy A7 2016
12Galaxy A5 2016
13Galaxy A8
14Galaxy A7
15Galaxy A5
16Galaxy A3
17Galaxy E7
18Galaxy E5
19Galaxy Grand Prime
20Galaxy Grand 2
21Galaxy Z2
22Galaxy JMax
23Galaxy S7 Edge
24Galaxy S7
25Galaxy S6 Edge
26Galaxy S6
27Galaxy S5
28Galaxy S4
29Galaxy Note 5
30Galaxy Note 4
31Galaxy Note 3
32Galaxy Note 2

Brand: LG

S.NMake – Model
1LG G5
2LG G4
3LG G3
4LG G2
5LG V10
6LG V20
7LG K7
8LG K10
9LG Stylo 2
10LG Stylo 2 Plus

Brand: Huawei

S.NMake – Model
1Huawei P9
2Huawei P8
3Huawei P9 LTE
4Huawei P8 LTE
5Huawei P7
6Huawei Mate 8
7Huawei Mate 7
8Huawei G7 Plus
9Huawei G7
10Huawei Honor 6
11Huawei Y6
12Huawei Y6 Pro
13Huawei Y6 II
14Huawei Y5 II
15Huawei Y3 II
16Huawei GR5 2017
17Huawei GR5
18Huawei GR5 Mini
19Huawei GR3
20Huawei Honor 4X

Brand: Colors

S.NMake – Model
1Colors K3
2Colors Elite E20

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