Top 10 Major Changes That Made iPhone X Distinct

Iphone X

The brand new iPhone X is most awaited gadget all over the world at this time. Everybody is talking about the new iPhone X and its features. Here you will know about all the queries in your mind about iPhone X.

We are going to list the top 10 significant changes that made iPhone X distinct.

Top 10 Major Changes Made iPhone X Distinct

Top 10 major changes made iPhone X distinct
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Previously it was always a topic of debate for spare space in the iPhone at its top and bottom. There is a solution in the new iPhone X. All the space at the front is a 5.8 inch super retina screen. So there are no spare spaces left on the screen anymore.


For security purposes, from the keypad to touch ID, touch ID to voice recognition, the revolutionary device in artificial intelligence, iPhone, succeeds in adding face ID. In addition, true depth cameras in iPhone X  include sensors that help to enable face ID for security purposes.


It has always been a problem for users about the exterior of smartphones because they are fragile, but this new iPhone X includes the most durable glass all over the body ever used in smartphones.


Nowadays, smartphones are all over. However, people’s life is all around the smartphones so it will be a great relief for users if they are resistant to water and dust which you can find in new iPhone X.


One of the significant changes anybody can quickly notice in the iPhone X is the disappearance of a home button. There is no home button in this iPhone; a single swipe can take you home from anywhere.


Face recognition technology will make your life a lot easier in the future. Your face is now password to unlock, authenticate and pay.


It has dual 12 MP cameras. So you can zoom your photo into 10* and video into 6*.


Here we have great news for selfie lovers. If you don’t want anyone in the background in your selfie, you can blur your selfie’s background.


It is supposed to be the fastest and smartest smartphone ever in the world. It contains the most powerful and most intelligent chip ever in a smartphone.


iPhone X is the first smartphone with no charging cable. It is charged in charging pads available in hotels, airports, and any other charging stations. There is no need for a charging cable to charge the phone.


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