NOC Code List For Canada Express Entry Immigration Process

NOC Code List For Canada Express Entry Immigration Process

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Occupation starting with Letter: R

7361Railway and Yard Locomotive Engineers
7314Railway Carmen/women
7362Railway Conductors and Brakemen/women
1253Records Management Technicians
2275Railway Traffic Controllers and Marine Traffic Regulators
6232Real Estate Agents and Salespersons
0513Recreation and Sports Program and Service Directors
4167Recreation, Sports and Fitness Program Supervisors Consultants
7313Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics
3012Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses
4217Religious Occupations (other)
3214Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Perfusionists and Cardio-Pulmonary Technologists
0631Restaurant and Food Service Managers
6222Retail and Wholesale Buyers
0621Retail Trade Managers
6211Retail Trade Supervisors
7291Roofers and Shinglers

Occupation starting with Letter: S

0422School Principals and Administrators of Elementary and Secondary
1113Securities Agents, Investment Dealers, and Brokers
0012Senior Government Managers and Officials
0013Senior Managers – Financial, Communications and Other Business
0016Senior Managers – Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation and Construction
0014Senior Managers – Health, Education, Social and Community
0015Senior Managers – Trade, Broadcasting, and Other Services, n.e.c.
6343Shoe Repairers and Shoemakers
4212Social and Community Service Workers
4164Social Policy Researchers, Consultants, and Program Officers
4169Social Science, n.e.c. (Other Professional Occupations)
4152Social Workers
2173Software Engineers
3111Specialist Physicians
5253Sports Officials and Referees
1254Statistical Officers and Related Research Support Occupations
7252Steamfitters, Pipefitters and Sprinkler System Installers
7252Steamfitters, Pipefitters and Sprinkler System Installers
7235Structural Metal and Platework Fabricators and Fitters
9223Supervisors, Electrical Products Manufacturing
9222Supervisors, Electronics Manufacturing
1212Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Clerks
9213Supervisors, Food, Beverage and Tobacco Processing
9215Supervisors, Forest Products Processing
9224Supervisors, Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing
1211Supervisors, General Office, and Administrative Support Clerks
1213Supervisors, Library, Correspondence and Related Information Clerks
8211Supervisors, Logging, and Forestry
1214Supervisors, Mail and Message Distribution Occupations
9211Supervisors, Mineral and Metal Processing
8221Supervisors, Mining, and Quarrying
7305Supervisors, Motor Transport and Other Ground Transit Operators
9221Supervisors, Motor Vehicle Assembling
9226Supervisors, Other Mechanical and Metal Products Manufacturing
9227Supervisors, Other Products Manufacturing and Assembly
9212Supervisors, Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing and Utilities
9214Supervisors, Plastic and Rubber Products Manufacturing
7303Supervisors, Printing and Related Occupations
7304Supervisors, Railway Transport Operations
1215Supervisors, Supply Chain, Tracking and Scheduling Coordination Occupations
9217Supervisors, Textile, Fabric, Fur and Leather Products Processing and Manufacturing
5227Support Occupations in Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and the Performing Arts

Occupation starting with Letter: T

6342Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers, and Milliners
5212Technical Occupations Related to Museums and Art Galleries
6221Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade
0131Telecommunication Carriers Managers
7246Telecommunications Installation and Repair Workers
7245Telecommunications Line and Cable Workers
5243Theatre, Fashion, Exhibit and Other Creative Designers
3144Therapy and Assessment (Other Professional Occupations)
7283Tile setters
7232Tool and Die Makers
5125Translators, Terminologists, and Interpreters

Occupation starting with Letter: U

8231Underground Production and Development Miners
4011University Professors and Lecturers
2153Urban and Land Use Planners
2282User Support Technicians
0912Utility Managers

Occupation starting with Letter: V


Occupation starting with Letter: W

7373Water Well Drillers
9243Water and Waste Treatment Plant Operators
2175Web Designers and Developers
7237Welders and Related Machine Operators
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