NOC Code List For Canada Express Entry Immigration Process

NOC Code List For Canada Express Entry Immigration Process

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Occupation starting with Letter: C

NOC Occupation
7272 Cabinetmakers
7247 Cable Television Service and Maintenance Technicians
3217 Cardiology Technologists and Electrophysiological Diagnostic Technologists, n.e.c.
7271 Carpenters
9231 Central Control and Process Operators, Mineral and Metal Processing
6321 Chefs
2134 Chemical Engineers
2211 Chemical Technologists and Technicians
2112 Chemists
3122 Chiropractors
2231 Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians
2131 Civil Engineers
6315 Cleaning Supervisors
5252 Coaches
4021 College and Other Vocational Instructors
0433 Commissioned Officers of the Canadian Forces
0431 Commissioned Police Officers
0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers
2281 Computer Network Technicians
2147 Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers)
2174 Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
7282 Concrete Finishers
5132 Conductors, Composers and Arrangers
1226 Conference and Event Planners
2224 Conservation and Fishery Officers
5112 Conservators and Curators
2234 Construction Estimators
2264 Construction Inspectors
0711 Construction Managers
7311 Construction Millwrights and Industrial Mechanics
7204 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades
7202 Contractors and Supervisors, Electrical Trades and Telecommunications
7302 Contractors and Supervisors, Heavy Equipment Operator Crews
7301 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades
8222 Contractors and Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Services
7201 Contractors and Supervisors, Metal Forming, Shaping and Erecting Trades and Related Occupations
7205 Contractors and Supervisors, Other Construction Trades, Installers, Repairers
7203 Contractors and Supervisors, Pipefitting Trades
8255 Contractors and Supervisors, Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance and Horticulture Services
6322 Cooks
0601 Corporate Sales Managers
1227 Court Officers and Justices of the Peace
1251 Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists and Related Occupations
7371 Crane Operators
6314 Customer and Information Services Supervisors
1315 Customs, Ship and Other Brokers

Occupation starting with Letter: D

NOC Occupation
5134 Dancers
2172 Database Analysts and Data Administrators
2273 Deck Officers, Water Transport
3222 Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists
3223 Dental Technologists, Technicians and Laboratory Assistants
3113 Dentists
3221 Denturists
3132 Dietitians and Nutritionists
2253 Drafting Technologists and Technicians
7372 Drillers and Blasters – Surface Mining, Quarrying and Construction

Occupation starting with Letter: E

NOC Occupation
4214 Early Childhood Educators and Assistants
4162 Economists and Economic Policy Researchers and Analysts
5122 Editors
4166 Education Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers
4033 Educational Counsellors
2241 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians
2133 Electrical and Electronics Engineers
7333 Electrical Mechanics
7244 Electrical Power Line and Cable Workers
7241 Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System)
3217 Electrophysiological Diagnostic Technologists and Cardiology Technologists
2242 Electronic Service Technicians (Household and Business Equipment)
4032 Elementary School and Kindergarten Teachers
7318 Elevator Constructors and Mechanics
4156 Employment Counsellors
1228 Employment Insurance, Immigration, Border Services and Revenue Officers
2274 Engineer Officers, Water Transport
2262 Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers
0211 Engineering Managers
1222 Executive Assistants
6312 Executive Housekeepers

Occupation starting with Letter: F

NOC Occupation
0714 Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers
4153 Family, Marriage and Other Related Counsellors
5222 Film and Video Camera Operators
1112 Financial and Investment Analysts
1111 Financial Auditors and Accountants
0111 Financial Managers
0432 Fire Chiefs and Senior Firefighting Officers
4312 Firefighters
8261 Fishing Masters and Officers
8262 Fishermen/women
7295 Floor Covering Installers
6311 Food Service Supervisors
2122 Forestry Professionals
2223 Forestry Technologists and Technicians
6346 Funeral Directors and Embalmers

Occupation starting with Letter: G

NOC Occupation
7253 Gas Fitters
3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians
2212 Geological and Mineral Technologists and Technicians
2144 Geological Engineers
2113 Geoscientists and Oceanographers
7292 Glaziers
0412 Government Managers – Economic Analysis, Policy Development
0413 Government Managers – Education Policy Development and Program Administration
0411 Government Managers – Health and Social Policy Development and Program Administration
5223 Graphic Arts Technicians
5241 Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Occupation starting with Letter: H

NOC Occupation
6341 Hairstylists and Barbers
1252 Health Information Management Occupations
4165 Health Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers
7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
0712 Home-Building and Renovation Managers
1223 Human Resources and Recruitment Officers
0112 Human Resources Managers
1121 Human Resources Professionals


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