How to Vote in The Voice of Nepal Season 2

vote in the voice of Nepal

Voice of Nepal Season 2 (Kathmandu) After the completion of the blind round and battle round, coaches no longer possess the power to save the candidates for the further round. The ball is in your court, you can crown your favorite singer as the winner of The Voice of Nepal by voting him or her. Here is how you can vote in The Voice of Nepal in this season.

Ways to Vote in The Voice of Nepal

There are various ways to vote for your favorite singer in The Voice of Nepal. One can vote for their favorite singer by sending SMS or vote online.

1 – By SMS

If you are in Nepal, Qatar, and India you can vote your favorite singer by SMS.

If you want to vote by SMS, please follow the below instruction:

i – Go to your Message box

ii – Type voting code. For example, if you want to vote Sanish Shrestha, his voting code is 09. So type 09 in your message box.

iii – Send it to 37000 if you are from Nepal, send it to 92300 if you are from Qatar, send it to 53010 if you are from India.

2 – Online Vote

If you want to vote online, please follow the below instruction:

i  – Download PrabhuPAY Mobile app.

ii  – For the first time user, you have to register your account by using your mobile number or email address.

iii – After the registration, log in to your account using the same email address or phone number and password.

iv – If you scroll down the home page of the PrabhuPAY app, you will find the Ticket and Event section. Under that section you can see, The Voice of Nepal – click there.

v – A new page will appear; there you can find the Vote Now button – click there.

vi – In the new page you will find the contestant profile, select your favorite contestant to vote.

As of right now, there is 1 free vote per week.

If you want to purchase the voting package, below is the package available.

Number of Vote Price in Nrs
10 Nrs 50
25 Nrs 100
50 Nrs 175
75 Nrs 255
100 Nrs 320
500 Nrs 1,550

Here is the Voting Code of Contestants

Contestant Name Voting Code
Aarif Rauf 01
Anju Rana Magar 02
Bal Bahadur Rajbanshi 03
Bikash Limbu 04
Geeta Sharma 05
Mechu Dhimal 06
Rajni Rhytham Rai * 07
Ram Limbu 08
Sanish Shrestha 09
Sanjaya Mahat Dracul 10
Sashika Rai 11
Yankee Yolmo 12

Remarks: * means, Contestants are knock out from the competition.

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