How to Vote in The Voice of Nepal Season 3

vote in The voice of nepal

Voice of Nepal (Kathmandu) After completing the blind, battle, and knockout round, coaches no longer possess the power to save the candidates for the further round. So the ball is in your court, you can crown your favorite singer as the winner of The Voice of Nepal by voting him or her. Here is how you can vote in The Voice of Nepal this season.

Here is How to Vote in The Voice of Nepal

Those living in Nepal would get an opportunity to vote in The Voice of Nepal both by SMS , Dialing and online voting. If you are not from this region, you would have only one option to vote for your favorite contestant through online voting.

1. By SMS

NTC, Ncell, and Smartcell users, you can vote for your favorite contestants by SMS.

If you want to vote by SMS, please follow the below instruction:

i. Go to your Message box

ii. Type voting code. For example, if you want to vote Afrita Khadki, her voting code is 01. So type 01 in your message box.

iii. Send voting code to 37000 if you are from Nepal.

2. By Dialing

NTC, Landline, and mobile users can vote by dialing as well.

Steps to vote to your favorite Voice of Nepal contestant:

i. Dial 16667702

ii. Dial voting code as per the instruction.

3. Online Vote

If you want to vote online, please follow the instructions below:

i. Download the official app for Voice of Nepal Season 3PrabhuPAY Mobile app.

ii. For first-time users, you have to register your account by using your mobile number or email address.

iii. After the registration, log in to your account using the same email address or phone number and password.

iv. Scroll down the home page of the PrabhuPAY app, under the Event and Ticket section you will see the Voting option. After clicking the voting option go to The Voice of Nepal – click there.

v. A new page will appear; there, you can find the Vote Now button – click there.

vi. On the new page, you will find the contestant profile, select your favorite contestant to vote for.

As of right now, there is one free vote per week.

If you want to purchase the voting package, below is the package available.

Number of VotesPrice in Nrs
10Nrs 50
25Nrs 100
50Nrs 175
75Nrs 255
100Nrs 320
500Nrs 1,550
1000Nrs 3,000

Here is the Voting Code of Contestants

Contestant NameVoting Code
Afrita Khadki *01
Aryan Tamang02
Bijaya Thada Magar *03
Govin Pun *04
Jenish Rai *05
Jwala Rai06
Karna Raj Giri *07
Kiran Gajmer08
Niharika Gyawali *09
Rabi Gahatraj *10
Sonam Galtso Sherpa *11
Tara Shreesh Magar12

Remarks: * means, Contestants are knock out from the competition.

Voice of Nepal Season 3 Finalist

Aryan Tamang is the finalist from Coach Deep.

Similarly, Jwala Rai is the finalist from Coach Trishna.

Kiran Gazmer is the finalist from Coach Pramod.

Finally, Tara Shreesh Magar is the finalist from Coach Raju.

Don’t miss to vote for your favorite Contestant.

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