Here is How to Change Job in UAE – A Comprehensive Guide

change job in UAE

Are you recently working in UAE and want to switch your job? You are here in the right place where you can get guidelines about how to change job in UAE.

If you are an Expat, you may have to go through the legal process to change the job. So, while changing a job as an expat, you should be well known about the rules and regulations for foreign workers to avoid Ban to work in UAE.

The UAE government is also making a favorable environment for international workers in the past few years. They are also providing even more job opportunities globally. Because of that reason, there will be the availability of more job opportunities within the country if you are willing to change your job in UAE.

In 2016 UAE’s Ministry of Labor has made several Labor law changes for the country’s international workers. But still, anyone working in private companies who breaks their contract could face a six-month ban from working for another company.

According to Labor Law, there are the following things you should take care of before you think about changing jobs in the UAE.

Here is The Process to Change Job in UAE

NOC From Employer

If you are in a definite contract term and complete two years of your contract, you and your employer should agree to terminate the contract and not renew your contract with the same employer. In this case, you will be able to get a No Objection Certificate from your employer. There is nothing your future employer can help you if your current employer imposed a ban.

Complete Your Two Year Contract Period

If you have signed a two-year limited contract term and have a plan to terminate your job after the completion of your contract, you will not face an employment ban.

Terminating Contract

If you want to terminate the contract within two years, you can do that on mutual understanding of your employer and you. For that, you have to get a No Objection Certificate from your employer to avoid an employment ban.

It should be done considering the situation where your employer ban for the termination of contract employee should be liable to compensate the employer up to half of the employee’s remuneration for three months.

If the employer breaks the contract within two years, the employer should compensate an employee for three months of remuneration.

Note: If an employee who the prospective employer offered a salary per their professional qualification is terminating his contract before completing two years, he may not be imposed an employment ban.

Unlimited Contract Term

If you are working with any employer in the unlimited contract term and want to leave the job, you can terminate your contract with that employer by giving one month of notice.

The employer can also terminate the service of the employee by giving one month notice period. If either party cannot complete the notice period, then one responsible for reducing the notice will compensate the other party.

Legal Issue with  Employer

Between all these rules and regulations for expat, knowingly or unknowingly, you might have legal issues with your ex-employer.

In such a case, you can accept a new offer from another employer. You can apply for a temporary work permit which will allow you to work with your prospective employer for six months while your case is pending.

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