Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

If you are seeking a job in Dubai, this session might be helpful for you to choose your career in Dubai. NepSort brings you top 10 highest paying jobs in Dubai.

Dubai is becoming the dream destination for professional experts from all over the world. People from all around the world come to Dubai for job search due to luxuries life and rapidly growing economy of a country.

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

1) Chief Marketing Officer

Any business is not going to make the good profit without marketing. Marketing plays the great role in the success of the business. As the numbers of growing multinational companies in Dubai, jobs in the marketing field is very demanding.Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) are paid from Dh 80,000 to Dh 90,000 ($21,780 to $24,502) monthly in Dubai.

2) Medical Professionals

Medical profession is very respectful and ever demanding occupation in Dubai. UAE solely cannot fulfill the demand of Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians and Dentist inside their own country. Recent years, health sector jobs become one of the most demanding job as well as the highest paying jobs in Dubai.

Besides the monthly wages, medical professional will receive various others benefits such as accommodation facility, transportation facility, paid leave etc.

Medical Surgeon is paid around Dh 90,000 ($24,502) monthly.

3) Pilots

Owning one of the biggest airlines company, Dubai is a land of opportunity for Pilots.

Pilots are paid monthly Dh 75,000( $20,418).

4) IT Managers

In this Information Technology world, IT is essential for every kind of organization. These days, business automation, advanced manufacturing process, and several others workflow require advanced technology to ease the day to day work.IT manager is also one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai. Monthly salary of IT managers ranges from Dh50,000 to Dh80,000 ( $13,612 to $21,779).

5) Accounting and Finance Professionals

Accounting and Finance Professionals are backbones of any business. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai.

Accounting and Finance Professionals monthly wages range from Dh 55,000 to Dh 90,000 ($13,612 to $24,502).

6) Lawyer

Lawyers are very essential personnel in the large-scale organization. To resolve many legal issues either inside own organization or with other organization, most of the company usually have their own lawyer. In Dubai,  lawyer monthly wages range from Dh 60,000 to Dh 70,000 ($16,335 to $19,057).

7) Bankers

Banking and the Financial sector job is considering a high-profile job in UAE. With the rise of economic development of any country, there is raise of banking sectors. In recent years, banking sectors boom enormously in UAE. A managerial person in the banking sector earns monthly Dh 60,000 to Dh 75,000 ( $16,335 to $20,418).

8) Construction

There are large numbers of mega construction project underway in UAE. Marasi Business Bay, Dubai Creek Harbour, Marsa Al Arab, Al Habtoor City etc are some undergoing multi-billions of project in UAE. Pthe roject manager and project engineers earn around Dh 40,000 to Dh 68,000 ( $10,889 to $18,513) monthly in Dubai. Construction field jobs are also the highest paying jobs in Dubai.

9) Restaurants General Managers

Due to the availability of many luxurious hotels and restaurants, there is a high demand for every kind of jobs in hotels and restaurants.Monthly wages of General Manager ranges from Dh 25,000 to Dh 70,000 ( $6,806 to $19,057) in Dubai.

10) Human Resource Manager

Human resource manager is one of the highly demanding job as well as a highly paid job in Dubai in recent years. After the significant increase in construction and several other manufacturing companies: companies are seeking experienced foreign nationals for the position of a human resource manager.


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