Here is How to Change Job in Malaysia – A Comprehensive Guide

change job in Malaysia

Are you an expat currently working in Malaysia and want to change jobs in Malaysia? Here you are in the right place to get guidelines on how you can process to change job in Malaysia.

If you have not violated any rules during your stay in Malaysia, you can easily change your job here in Malaysia. Foreign nationals can change their job within the country without having a disruption in their day-to-day life.

You can change your job if you receive a job offer letter from a different employer. After you receive your job offer letter, you can process to change job. There are specific terms and conditions if you want to change your job while staying in Malaysia.

Here is Step by Step Process How to Change Job in Malaysia

Employment Category

There are three employment pass category I, II, and III. If you want to change your employer within Malaysia, you have to apply for employment pass categories I and II.

If you are changing to employment pass category III, you will not change your employer within the country. In such a case, you have to stay outside Malaysia for three months, called the “cooling-off period,” before reentering for work purposes.

No Objection Certificate

After you get a job offer from your future employer, your current employer should release a No Objection Certificate confirming the last date of employment with the current employer.

Tax Filing Document

If you are an international worker in Malaysia, you should have your most recent tax filing documents before changing your employer.

Additional Notes

  • If you do not receive a release letter after the cancellation of the previous employment pass, you should return to your home country; in this case, you can return to Malaysia to approve a new employment pass.
  • Foreign national processing to change employer should not depart Malaysia from the time of cancellation of existing employment pass until endorsement of new employment pass in their passport.

So, these are the basic rules and some key measures you should consider before you process to change job in Malaysia.

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