Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia in 2024

highest paying jobs in malaysia

Malaysia is among the top list countries as job creators for international workers in Asia. Because of its fair immigration policy for expats, people are attracted to employment in Malaysia in the past couple of years.

If you are looking for the highest-paying jobs in Malaysia, you are here in the right place. Here we have listed the top 10 highest paying jobs in Malaysia.

List of Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia in 2024

1) Information Technology

In this digitalized era, not only in  Malaysia but also in the rest of the world, jobs regarding information technology are the highest paying jobs. In digitalizing, every entry-level sector job also has a decent amount of salary in this field.

2) Construction

If it is a developing country, there are many job opportunities from the lower level to a higher level in the construction field. There is a massive change in the way constructions are done today. To run the equipment and new technology, a skilled workforce is necessary. So, construction is also one of the most wanted and highest paying jobs in Malaysia.

3) Engineering

Engineering is an evergreen field for many years. There is just a technology change, not the theories. So for Malaysia to become a developed country by 2020, they need 200,000. So, engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs in Malaysia.

4) Oil and Gas

There are many oil and gas companies in Malaysia, and the demand for oil and gas is never going low in the world. That is why oil and gas companies in Malaysia are among the highest-paying employers in Malaysia.

5) Tourism

Being one of the greatest tourism destinations among Asian countries, Malaysia has many potentialities in the tourism and hospitality sectors. So, the Tourism sector crests lots of the highest paying jobs in Malaysia.

6) Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the fundamental human rights for the citizen of any country. In many developed countries, the government always secure the healthcare facility for their citizen. So, Malaysia is also becoming a developed country, so its government is always focusing on upgrading the health status of its citizens and thereby creating lots of job opportunities in the health sector.

7) Finance

The economic growth and development of any country depend on its financial condition. There are lots of corporate offices with high-salary entry-level jobs in Malaysia. As being a developing country, there are lots of job opportunities in the finance sector.

8) Banking

Malaysia is a developing country near its development. There are lots of undergoing projects in different sectors. To accomplish those projects, they need budgets and fundings. So, the banking sector will create lots of job opportunities in the country.

9) Education

Likewise, the healthcare facility government is always spending a significant fraction of its budget on education. To make the country prosperous and developed, educating its people is a vital element. Due to that reason, the Malaysian government is creating lots of job opportunities with attractive pay in the education sector.

10) Human Resource Management

With lots of job creation all over the country, HRM also plays a significant role in the distribution of human resources in every sector. That’s why there are lots of job opportunities in HRM  with decent entry-level payment.

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