Emirates ID: All You Need to Know (2024 Guide)

Emirates ID card

Emirates ID is the identity card received by a person residing in UAE. It is a mandatory document to have for every citizen and resident of the UAE.

This article will walk you through all the required information you need to know about Emirates ID in 2024.

Here we will provide you the details about Emirates ID, its features, the eligibility to apply, the process to apply, requirements to be fulfilled before applying, and the required fee for the application.

We will also include how to check the status of your Emirates ID application, download it online, get it in 24 hours in case of emergency, renew it.

As well as replacement provision if in case of theft, damage, or loss. Additionally, we will walk you through how you can update details or cancel it after submitting the application.

What is Emirates ID and its features?

how to apply emirates id?

Emirates ID is a form of identification issued by the UAE government to its citizens and other individuals residing in the country. The identification number on the ID card is a unique number that helps to identify uniquely everyone residing in UAE.

The validity of Emirates ID is based on the type of residents. Government issues an Emirates ID for its citizens with the validity of 5 or 10 years. You can always renew it once it is due.

GCC nationals will receive Emirates ID with the validity of 5 years. In contrast, other expatriates will receive emirates based on their visa status.

What are the benefits of having Emirates ID card?

  • It helps for identification and verification in accordance with international standards.
  • Similarly, it helps to protect individuals’ identities.
  • You can gain access to many secure eServices using this card.
  • It also provides identity information in a variety of locations.
  • Additionally, it saves a variety of ID applications for future use.
  • More importantly, it prevents fraud and identity theft.
  • More rapid access to healthcare services.
  • It is required to cast a ballot in Federal National Council elections.
  • It acts as a travel document for UAE citizens traveling within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  • Additionally, it can be used as a document to pass through immigration at several airports in the UAE using eGates and smart gates.

Who is eligibile to apply for Emirates ID?

You should be fall under given below three categories to be eligible to apply for Emirates ID.

  1. UAE Nationals
  2. GCC Nationals: Citizens of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman
  3. Expatriate: Foreign Nationals Working in UAE

What are the requirements to apply for Emirates ID?

emirates id renewal document checklist

In this section, we are going to explain the requirement to apply for Emirates ID briefly. Depending upon the above-mentioned three categories, the requirements for applying Emirates ID card varies.

For the details about what documents you need to have with you, please find the information below.

1) Required documents for expats

Above 15 years Old

  • At first you need to have a valid original passport.
  • Secondly, you need to have residency or entry permit.

Below 15 years Old

  • Original birth certificate or the valid original passport or father’s ID.
  • 4.5 * 3.5 cm photo.

2) Required documents for UAE nationals

Above 15 years and recipients of social security

  • Firstly you need to have certificate of social security.
  • Secondly, you also need to have original valid passport and family book.

Elderly and special needs people

  • At first you need to submit an updated medical report issued by a qualified authority, along with the above document.
  • Similarly, you also need to submit4.5*3.5 cm photo with blue background.

Children below 15 years old

  • Original birth certificate is the only requirement for children below 15 years old.


  • Certificate of unified number from the Department of Nationality and Foreigners’ Affairs.
  • Birth certificate and certificate of social security.
  • Newborn information included family book.
  • 4.5*3.5 cm photo with a white background and one of the parent’s ID cards.

 UAE national who does not hold social security

  • Original valid passport.
  • Family book.
  • Kids with already entered data in the system.
  • Must add a certificate of identity number confirmation stamped by one of the leading centers of the Emirates ID.
  • 4.5*3.5 cm photo with white background.

3) Required documents for GCC nationals residing in the UAE

Above 15 years old

  • Af first you need to have a valid passport. All applicant who do not have a unified number in their passport, they should submit a unified number from the Department of Nationality and Foreigner’s Affairs.
  • Similarly, those who owns a real state you need to have a real estate ownership or lease. It should be attested by a municipility or other equivalent authorities.
  • Or, valid UAE commercial license certificate.
  • Or, marriage certificate with UAE female national.
  • For those who works for a government enity, you need to have a employment certificate.
  • Similarly, if you work for a private entity, you must have a labor card or a job contract. The Ministry of Labor must properly attest to it.
  • For the students, they need to have a certificate from the University. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research should recognize it.

Elderly and special needs people

  • Including the above requirements, add a valid and approved medical report generated by the official authority.
  • 4.5*3.5 cm photo with blue background.

GCC citizens below 15 years

  • Father’s valid employment certificate if he works at a government entity. Whereas for those who works on private entity labor card or job contract is required.
  • Unified number if it is not included on the passport. It can be obtained from the Department of Nationality and Foreignr’s Affairs.
  • 4.5*3.5 cm photo with a white background.


  • Certificate of unified number from the Department of Nationality and Foreigner’s Affairs.
  • Birth certificate.
  • One of the parent’s ID cards.
  • 4.5*3.5 cm photo with white background.

How to apply for Emirates ID?

apply for new card

If you are among one of the above categories, you must apply for Emirates ID.

Applying for an Emirates ID is an easy process. If you qualify and have all the required documents, please follow the following steps.

Step 1: Fill the form and submit the application with all the required documents

You should fill the online form and summiting the application through Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship official website.

You can also submit the application via the mobile apps of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. It is available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

Similarly, you can also visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship office or typing centers close to you and submit the application.

You can pick any of the above ways to apply best suits you.

Step 2: Complete biometrics

Once you complete the application, all applicants above 15 years or older must complete their biometrics. This includes providing the fingerprints, picture, and electronic signature on one of the registration centers of Emirates Identity Authority.

Please note that only expatriates should go to one of the authority centers linked to the preventative medicine centers to complete the procedure of card issuance.

Step 3: Receiving the Emirate ID card

After completion of biometrics, your next step is receiving the card. For that, you must contact the Emirates Post to receive the Emirates ID card. Emirates Post will send you an SMS once it is ready to be delivered.

How much does it cost to get Emirates ID?

Below are the fees associated while applying new Emirates ID:

  • You have to pay AED 200 for 10 years of validity.
  • The fee associated for 5 years of validity of both UAE nationals and GCC nationals is AED 100.
  • AED 100 for residents for every year of residency.
  • For those who are seeking a express service it is AED 150. And it applies for all categories.
  • AED 70 additional in case of submitting online form and printing or only AED 40 if the applicant submits the form on the website.

Fees for categories such as social security and special needs are exempt from the previously stated charges. The only fee they must pay is AED 70 if they submit the application in person, or AED 40 if they submit it online.

How to check Emirates ID status?

check your status

Once you apply for Emirates ID, you may want to check the application status. After submitting the application, there is a provision that will keep you updated on the process.

Including the new id card application, you can check its renewal and replacement application submission status.

To check the Emirates ID card status, you must go to the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Once you are on their official website, you must enter your application number to check the status of the new application and Emirates ID number to check the status for renewal and replacement.

If you still require additional help or have any questions, you can call 600522222 for the desired information.

Where to get biometrics for Emirates ID?

Once you submit the application, you should visit the registration centers of Emirates Identity Authority for biometrics. All applicants above 15 years old should complete biometrics to receive the Emirates ID card. The biometrics process includes taking the picture, having the fingerprints, and completing the electronic signature.

How to update details on Emirates ID?

If you would like to change the details in the application due to mistakes or any other reason, you should visit one of the Identity and Citizenship Customer Happiness Centers. While visiting, you should take your original passport and ID card with you.

It is important to note that you should update the details within one month from the change date.

If you make any mistakes in your Emirates ID card information, you can not correct it online. And this rule applies to all categories of ID cardholders.

How to get Emirates ID within 24 hours?

In case of urgency, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) has a provision to get the Emirates ID card within 24 hours. ‘Fawri is the other name of this expedited urgent service.

You can apply for the Emirates ID through Fawri, but you have to pay the additional emergency fee on top of the regular fee.

UAE nationals and GCC nationals can use this service regardless of the age group for first-time registration, renewal of expired cards, and lost and damaged cards.

Expatriate residents cannot use this urgent service for the first-time registration, but they can apply in case of replacement only.

You can visit FAIC Customer Service Happiness Centers to apply to get an ID card within 24 hours.

How to renew Emirates ID card?

You can renew your Emirates ID between six months and one month before the due date.

Or, you can also renew your ID up to 30 days after its expiry. You must pay a late fee of AED 20 for each day’s delayed time until it reaches AED 1000.

SMS notification will remind you to renew your Emirates ID by Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. You can submit the renewal application through an accredited typing center or online through the website of FAIC once you received a notification.

To submit your biometric details, you must visit FAIC’s service centers or preventive medical centers.

You can always complete your biometrics between six and one months before the expiry date.

An individual residing on a UAE residence visa can renew Emirates ID upon renewal or re-issuance of a residence visa.

How to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged Emirates ID card?

In case of lost, stolen, or damage caused by any means, you can always replace your Emirates ID card. So, to replace it, you must request a replacement of Emirates ID card from the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity. There are four key steps to file the replacement. They are:

Step 1: Report the incident

You can always report the incident at ICA Customer Happiness Center.

After that, they will deactivate your card.

You will get ID number confirmation or a confirmation copy of the lost ID. If you are replacing the card due to damage, you must bring the damaged card with you. Following are the requirements for different categories of individuals holding Emirates ID:

If you are UAE nationals, you must show up with your original valid passport and a family book.

Whereas if you are GCC nationals, you should provide your proof of residency in UAE.

Expatriates will require to bring their valid passport stamped with a valid residency permit.

Whereas children below 15 who lost their Emirates ID should submit an original birth certificate and a passport photo with white background.

Step 2: Apply for the ID card replacement

You have to fill the form once you gather all the required documents after reporting the incident. You can apply for the replacement ID card at any ICA’s Customer Happiness Centers or through the ICA website.

Step 3: Pay the fees

There is an AED 300 fee for the replacement of your card. If you apply via typing centers, you have to pay an additional AED 70. But, those who want to apply online have to pay an additional 40 on top of the replacement fee. This fee is identical for all categories of applicants.

You can always expedite your process by paying an extra AED 150.

Step 4: Collect your new ID card

ICA will send you a notification about the expected delivery date. The replacement Emirates ID usually takes 48 hours to arrive, but those who requested an expedited process will receive it within 24 hours. However, you must contact Emirates Post in order to obtain the card.

For further inquiries, you can contact ICA Call Center on 6005 30003.

How to cancel Emirates ID?

If you want to cancel your residence visa and cancel your Emirates ID, you have to deliver an Emirates ID card to the respective General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs will then deliver it to FAIC.


Please let us know if you need any further information related to Emirates ID, we will be happy to answer your queries.

We hope this information is helpful to answer your various questions related to Emirates ID. Additionally, the ‘Ask Hamad‘ service and calling on phone 6005-3003 will always be there for your assistance for further inquiries.

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