ECNR Online Registration Process – Here is How to Register in Emigrate Online Platform

ECNR Online Registration Process

If you are looking for the ECNR online registration process, look no further. Here you can find the complete information regarding ECNR online registration process.

ECNR Online Registration Process

These are the step by step process for ECNR online registration process.

  • Need to Have Indian Mobile Number

At first you need to have an Indian mobile number for the registration.

Since a one-time password (OTP) is required to complete the registration on the platform, you are required to use an Indian mobile number.

It is not required that the SIM card is registered under your name. If it is an Indian number, it should be fine.

  • Visit Emigrate Official Website

Go to and click on ‘ECNR registration’. Put your Indian mobile number before registration.

  • Authorize your Mobile Number

You’ll then receive an OTP code on the mobile number you provided which will then redirect to the next page of the application on the website where you have to fill your details.

  • Enter Your Details on Application Form

You’ll be asked to enter details including your passport number, Aadhar number, profession, country of residence or work, emergency contacts in both India and the other country, email id etc.

All fields marked with a red star are required fields, so you have to fill all those boxes.

  • Enter Your Work Details

If you found the job in the foreign country with the help of an agent or job agency, you will asked to submit your agent’s details.

If you didn’t use such an intermediary and found the job on your own, you can leave this field blank.

  • Submit Application Form

Once you’ve entered your details, hit ‘Submit’ button and you should get a confirmation SMS on the same Indian mobile number you used earlier or an email.

Keep those as proof of your registration as you will be asked to show this at all airports in India when travelling to one of those 18 ECR countries after January 1 2019.

Note: Registration must be completed on the portal between 21 days and 24 hours prior to the date of travel.


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