10 Reasons Why To Visit Nepal | Reason To Visit Nepal

10 reason to visit nepal

In this article, we discuss ten reasons why you should visit Nepal.

Nepal is a landlocked country in the Asia continent. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Pokhara, Chitwan, Bhairahawa are some other major touristic destinations.

It lies between China and India. The area of Nepal is 147181 sq. km.

Though Nepal is small in area, it is full of natural diversity.

The natural beauty of the country attracts millions of tourists every year. Several types of tourists around the world visit Nepal. Many international tourist guide books like a rough guide and lonely planet have already recommended visitors worldwide to visit Nepal.

On top of this, here are the top 10 reasons to visit Nepal.

10 Reasons to Visit Nepal

  1. Nepal is magnificent

Nepal is full of fauna and flora. The natural beauty of Nepal is unique in the world. The natural heritages are free from pollution—the lakes and rivers much eye-catching. The people are spellbound with the beauty of nature.

  1. Guests are treated as God.

Nepali people treat guests as God. Nepali people are much friendly. They are always eager to help and support visitors and guests. Wherever you go in Nepal, people are always ready to welcome you. Nepali people always respect guests and visitors as God.

  1. World’s best trekking route, Annapurna is in Nepal

Annapurna trekking route is the best trekking route in the world. Hundreds of thousands of trekkers go around Annapurna every year. This trekking route is famous in the world. So every year, many tourists visit Nepal to enjoy this trekking route. It is the popular trekking route in the world. Annapurna Conservation Area lies in this route.

  1. You can take your breadth of natural bungee.

Bungee jumping is the next attraction of Nepal. There are many bungee jumping centers in Nepal. It is popular among adventure tourists. Nepal is a fertile land for adventure tourism. So Nepal is the focal point of adventurous tourists.

  1. Everyday journeys are adventures.

The everyday journeys are adventures in Nepal. Either it is the trekking route or the blacktopped roads, they are equally adventurous. We can take the thrilling experience of a motor driving on the streets of Nepal.

  1. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, is in Nepal. Every year many Buddhist devotees visit Lumbini. It is the holy place of all Buddhists all over the world. Buddhists pilgrimages visit Nepal and the holy place Lumbini.

  1. Nepal is an affordable destination.

Traveling to Nepal is economical. The lodging and food cost is low in comparison to other Asian countries. It is the best destination for economic tourists. So you can spend long holidays on a low budget. If you go to the countryside, the cost is even low. You can use local buses for transportation. You can save money by using a bicycle for local sightseeing.

  1. Nepal is the hub for yoga and meditation.

There are several meditation centers in Nepal. Yoga is the best practice for your health. Many yoga centers are there in Nepal. Tourists looking for peace and silence visit these centers. There is the provision of online booking in these centers.

  1. Every day is a festival in Nepal.

Nepal has a multicultural society. There are many festivals of each caste and culture. So it looks like that there is a festival every day in Nepal. Tourists can celebrate these festivals with Nepali people. They are found enjoying these festivals. They are fond of Nepali costumes as well. You can learn much more about Nepali culture during these festivals.

  1. The world’s highest peak Mt. Everest is in Nepal.

Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world. It lies in Nepal. Every year many tourists visit Nepal to climb Everest. The mountaineering expedition team finds Nepal the best destination. You can take a mountain flight to observe Everest if you are not willing to climb Everest.


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