Cheapest Tourist Destination in the World !!!

cheapest tourist destination

American business magazine; FORBES listed Pokhara as the cheapest tourist destination in the world to visit. Pokhara is one of the most beautiful places in the world, which lies in Nepal.

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia between China and India. It is a country full of mountains and rivers with stunning geographical topography and even climatic condition throughout the year.

Nepal is the country of Mt. Everest and many other highest peaks in the world.

Pokhara is a small city located in a small but incredible country, Nepal. Therefore, there are different reasons to include Pokhara as one of the beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

Features of Cheapest Tourist Destination

Climatic Condition

The climatic condition of Pokhara city is even throughout the year. Therefore, it is favorable to people all around the world. Most days are moderately sunny, and rain also occurs frequently to tranquil the city to maintain its temperature.

Geographical Structure

It is a valley with different numbers of lakes within it. The view around the mountains through the city is just adorable. We can see the one of the most beautiful mountain range of the world, i.e., Annapurna range from almost all part of the city.

Places to Visit

The main important feature of Pokhara city is that there are some places to visit for the tourist, but there are numerous places to visit in the city. Some places to visit are Sarangkot, Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Mahendra Cave, David’s Fall, Seti Gorge, World Peace Stupa, etc.

Adventurous Game

The best place for paragliding in the world is situated in Pokhara. Similarly, bungee jumping, jeep flyers are also the center of attraction of Pokhara city.

Good Hospitality

Pokhereli people are very nice. The hospitality and care they provide to their guest are adorable.

Good Food and Lodging

There are good restaurants and hotels in Pokhara valley, which provides good facilities for lodging and flooding.

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