Useful Apps To Save Money in Saudi Arabia

save money in saudi arabia

If you would like to save money in Saudi Arabia then these are some useful apps which will help to boost your saving. While you are in abroad to earn money for you and your family, you should always find some effective ways to save money.

Here in this session, we are going to present to you some useful apps which really help you to save money during your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Useful Apps To Save Money in Saudi Arabia

1 – ClicFlyer

ClicFlyer provides the user with all the latest information on weekly flyers across the leading retailers in Saudi Arabia. With ClicFlyer you can browse the flyers, save offers, create a shopping list, locate stores and plan better before even going into the store.

In ClicFlyer if you are looking for a specific item, you can use the search function and quickly compare offers across the various flyers online.

2 – Cobone

Cobone is one of the Middle East’s largest daily deals or group-buying app which features the deals for wide varieties of services and products.

The major deals that you can find in Cobone consist of food, auto, beauty, wellness, things to do, jewelry, spa and many more.

3 – Pricena

If you do online shopping in Saudi Arabia, Pricena is one of the essential apps that you need to have with you. Pricena is an online price comparison website in the Middle East which will help you to find the same products in the cheapest price by accumulating and comparing thousands of products from hundreds of online shops behind the scene.

You can search a wide range of product in Pricena including but not limited to electronics, home appliances, apparel and many more, and compare prices to find the best deal available in the market and save money.

Additionally, you can set the app to alert you when the price drop for the specific item that you are trying to purchase.

4 – The Entertainer

The entertainer app is the most having apps in Saudi Arabia for the buy one and gets one offer deals. The Entertainer app offers include buy one and get one offer, 50% Off offer, 60 % Off offer, spend and save offer and many more.

Likewise Pricena, the entertainer app allows you to access the wider varieties of services in Saudi Arabia such as food and drinks, beauty and fitness, attractions and leisure, fashion and retail, everyday services, travel and many more.

5 – Groupon

Groupon is a free app that you can download in your smartphone which will help you to find the best among the best deals in Saudi Arabia. Groupon will show you daily local deals consist of restaurant, spas, hotels, massages, shopping vouchers, things to do in the city, and whole a lot more in Saudi Arabia.

Many of our contributors reported that Groupon is the most having app especially for the dinner deals in Saudi Arabia.


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