A True Nepalese Human “Mahabir Pun”, Why to know Him

Years before I have been heard the name “Mahabir Pun”,  though he was an ordinary Nepali guy. One day at the morning before wake up from the bed, I was randomly scrolling the Facebook news feed and a video appears on my screen and the first playback melody of the video attracts my concentration and that was the first ever video I watched from starting to ending in my news feed till this date. And that video is about Mahabir Pun and after that day I really know who is Mahabir Pun.

Before let you know what I have explored about Mahabir Pun, lets’ watch that video.

As you might know from above video, Mahabir Pun is well know people in Nepal as well as all Nepalese through out the world for his extensive work in rural area of Nepal in the field of Health, Education and connecting the rural areas of Nepal by wireless internet technology. Mahabir was born in Nangi Village, in Myagdi District which take 7 hours hard climb to reach there from bus stop.

Pun determination about the wireless technology where even a single telephone service was not present was unimaginable.

Pun father was British Gurkha Army, after his retirement Pun family moved to Southern Plain of Nepal. After completion of his high school Pun start to teacher at school to support his brother’s and sister’s education. He taught at four different schools for 12 years. In 1989, Pun got a partial scholarship at University of Nebraska at Kearney. He graduated in 1996 with an undergraduate degree in Science and Education. After the graduation Pun return to his village Nangi which he left in his childhood 24 years ago. During the time period while he was leaving at United States, Pun has recognized the power of information technology in education system and importance of education system to transform the development of the country.

Thus he founded the Himanchal High School with a special focus on computer education and other programs with income generation capacity.

In 2001 Pun completed his graduate degree in Educational Administration from University of Nebraska.

On return to Nepal, Pun has campaigned the donation of used computers from Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and the United States. He installed those computers and starts to teach computer classes to students and fellow teachers.

Pun had connected so many remote villages of Nepal through wireless internet to other parts of the world.

Pun’s work on distance learning and online educational services constitutes the first attempt in Nepal to address the scarcity of qualified teachers through technology. He took steps to ensure the success and growth of his projects, by arranging for other teachers to attend a computer training course in Pokhara, starting economic projects to fund students’ expenses and teachers’ salaries, and by attracting hundreds of international volunteers with wide-ranging skills. He has since built a new cultural centre, and has developed communication links for yak farmers, as well as new ventures to hc international trekking and tour groups. He has therefore succeeded not just in creating a self-sustaining educational system, but also a range of new economic and social enterprises to support remote communities.

National Innovation Center

Mahabir Pun led the initiative to register a Nonprofit named “Rashtriya Abiskar Kendra” in 2012, widely termed as National Innovation Center in English. Primary objective to establish the Innovation center according to Mahabir is to foster research and developments for the economic development of the country. Mahabir worked with the government for funding of the project which did not happen and since July 2016. Mahabir is running a crowd funding campaign to fund National Innovation efforts. National Innovation Center crowd funding campaign plans to collect build a 10MW hydropower station, which according to the initiative would sustainably fund it’s running cost. Mahabir has got social attraction with his donation of land for the National Innovation Center. The prime minister of Nepal, Prachanda announced to hand NRS 15 millions to National Innovation Center.

Mahabir Pun Recognition and Awards

In 2002, Pun was elected Ashoka Fellow by the Ashoka Foundation, the global association of leading social entrepreneurs.

Mahabir Pun was inducted in Internet Hall of Fame as an inductee in 2014.

In 2004, Pun received the Overall Social Innovations Award from the Global Ideas Bank, aka the Institute for Social Inventions.

In 2007, Pun was awarded the Magsaysay Award, considered by some to be the Nobel Prize of Asia, in recognition of “his innovative application of wireless computer technology in Nepal, bringing progress to remote mountain areas by connecting his village to the global village”

Later in 2007, the University of Nebraska awarded Pun an honorary degree as Doctor of Humane Letters for his outstanding work for his country, Nepal.

Later in 2007, the University of Nebraska awarded Pun an honorary degree as Doctor of Humane Letters for his outstanding work for his country, Nepal.

How to Support for National Innovation Center:

If you want to donate to his work for National Innovation center, below is the link for official website for donation.


If you are in abroad, you can donate to National Innovation center through gofundme, below is the link to donate through gofundme



Connect with Manabir Pun:

Connect through Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mahabirnwp/

Connect through LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mahabir-pun/1a/1ab/312

Connect through Twitter : https://twitter.com/MahabirPun

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