Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia in 2024

highest paying jobs in saudi arabia

If you are seeking a job in Saudi Arabia, this session might be helpful for you to choose your career in Saudi Arabia. Here we have listed the top 10 highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most developed middle east countries. The petroleum industry is the main source of development of Saudi Arabia and is the largest exporter of petroleum in the world.

Top 10 Highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia

1) Petroleum Engineers

Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of petroleum. Any jobs related to the petroleum industry are well paid. Especially, petroleum engineers are paid a very extensive salary and get several benefits.

The average monthly wages of petroleum engineers in Saudi Arabia is around $80,000.

2) Medical Professionals

The medical profession is a very respectful and ever-demanding occupation in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia cannot fulfill the demand of Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians, and Dentists inside their own country. Health sector jobs have become one of the most demanding jobs and a highly paid job in Saudi Arabia in recent years.

Besides the monthly wages, medical professionals will receive various others benefits such as accommodation facility, transportation facility, paid leave for two months, etc. Medical Surgeon is paid around $35,000 per month in Saudi Arabia.

3) CEO/Managing Director

There are many multinational and national companies in Saudi Arabia. Companies related to petroleum fuel, banking, construction are seeking a professional and qualified manager to handle their business. Manufacturing companies are also equally looking for qualified CEO. The success and failure of every business directly depend on how competent the CEO of a company is and how he handles the business in the long run of time. So, every organization is looking for an experienced manager.

If you have experience handling a business or an organization, Saudi Arabia could be the best option for your future career. Besides the other additional benefits and bonuses, a managerial person of a company is paid around $32,000 per month in Saudi Arabia.

4) Banking/ Finance Industry

Banking and the Financial sector job is considering a high-profile career in Saudi Arabia. With the rise of economic development of any country, there is a rise in banking sectors. In recent years, the banking sector boom enormously in Saudi Arabia. A managerial person in the banking sector earns an average monthly wage of $16,000 in Saudi Arabia.

5) Construction

There are large numbers of mega construction projects underway in Saudi Arabia. Dahiyat Al Fursan city, AL Ruwaid Redevelopment project, Grand Mosque project, Mall of Saudi are some of the multi-billions of dollars projects. Engineers, other managerial position jobs, foreman, supervisor are highly demanded jobs in the construction field.

Project managers and project engineers earn around $15,000 monthly in Saudi Arabia.

6) Information Technology

Many industries and factories are adopting information technology to ease the work done in recent years. Business automation, advanced manufacturing process, and several others petroleum workflow require IT personnel.

Information Technology is now booming in Saudi Arabia. The average monthly earning of an IT manager is about $11,000 in Saudi Arabia.

7) Teachers

Saudi Arabia could be your next destination if you can teach English very well. In recent years, Arabic people have so much influence on the English language.

As English is the international language, people learn the English language besides their native Arabic language.

If you can teach English, you may find a job as a private teacher and a teacher in private schools. Since many private schools in Saudi Arabia start to teach the English language these days. If you find a job as an English Teacher in Saudi Arabia, you will easily make more than $5,000 monthly.

8) Sales / Marketing Manager

Sale and marketing jobs are the most popular jobs in Saudi among many foreigners. Multinational and many other private companies in Saudi Arabia pay a good salary for the people working in this field. Sales / Marketing manager usually makes more than $5,000 monthly in Saudi Arabia.

9) Real Estate

Real Estate includes the construction of housing and apartments. Jobs related to real estate become respected and well-paid jobs in Saudi Arabia.

10) Hotel and Restaurants

Chefs, waiters, bartenders, cashiers, and managers are demanding jobs with high salaries in Saudi Arabia in hotels and restaurants.

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