Teach Your Children About Animal Sound From Google

animal sound

Teach Your Children About Animal Sound From Google

Internet giant Google has released a new feature in Google Search.

From this new feature of Google Search, parents can easily teach their children about animal noises.

One after another, Google is updating its search engine to user friendly, and somehow it tries to keep on working for the simplicity of human life.

These steps make Google always the number one search engine in the world.

Google creates much other stuff for easy learning techniques, but today we will show you one of the most impressive new features of Google to teach animal noises to children.

How to hear the noises of animals in Google?

animal sound

It is a straightforward step to hear the animal sounds from Google.

You type “animal noises” in the search box Google, and it will display the name of the animal, and you can hear the animal sound by clicking the sound tab along with it.

Alternative Method to Hear Animal Sound in Google

There is also another alternative way to teach your children about animal sound from Google.

For this, if you want to hear the dog sound, type “What does the dog say” in the search box.

Also, for the Fox, you can type “What does the Fox Say.”

Similarly, for the Tiger, you can type “What does the Tiger Say.” This way, you can teach your children about other animal sounds too quickly from Google.

This feature has a total of 19 animal sounds, including Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Ape, Cat, Dog, Duck, Cow, Elephant, Horse, Moose, Owl, Pig, Sheep, Rooster, Turkey, Turtle, Bowhead Whale, and Humpback.

In Android and IOS also this feature will work perfectly as on the web. We hope that Google will launch much more stuff like this targeted for the children in the upcoming days.


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