Here is the List of Tax Free Items in Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal

tax free items

If you are looking for tax free items which you can take in Nepal, you are in right place.

Here we will give you the updated and brief information about tax free items or duty free items in Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal.

Nepal government, Finance ministry, Customs Department has changed the rules and regulation for tax free items or duty-free goods in TIA, Nepal.

This new rule is implemented through 16th of July 2016.

List of Tax Free items in Tribhuvan International Airport

Gold :

Golden jewelers up to 50 grams are taken as tax-free items. Raw Gold is not allowed.

Silver : 

Silver jewelers up to 500 grams. Raw Silver is not allowed.

Alcohol :

One bottle of alcohol or up to 1.5 liters alcohol.

Television :

If you work or live abroad for more than 12 months, then you are allowed to take one television of any brand television up to 32 inches.

Note: If you take television more than 32 inches, you are charged Nrs. 550 per inches. (For Example, if you take 50-inch television, you are supposed to pay Nrs. 50*550.

Used Clothes :

Your used clothes.

Beddings :

One set

Used Households :

Your used households’ items.

Medicine of Patient 

Diamonds and Stoned Gold Silver Jewelry :

Up to 1 lakh value.

Tablet or Laptop :

One Set

Watch :

One Set

Camera :

One Set

Video Camera :

One Set

Mobile Phone :

One Set

Pen Drive :

One Set

Perambulator :

One Set

Tri-Cycle :

One Set

Official goods of a bureaucratic person 

Food Items :

Up to 7 Kg

Items for Which You Have to Pay 40% Tax

Music System :

One Set

Refrigerator :

One Set

Washing Machine :

One Set

Radio Set :

One Set

Cosmetics and Clothes :

15 Sets

Mixer, Juicer, Sewing Machine, Gas Burner, Iron, Rice Cooker etc :

Each of 2 Sets

Food Items :

Up to 10 Kg

General Household Items :

Up to maximum 2 sets

Cigarette :

200 Pcs

Cigar :

50 Pcs

Read Complete Notice from Nepal government, Finance ministry, Customs Department


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