New Load Shedding Schedule/Timetable : Updated

If you are looking for the new load shedding schedule for Nepal, you are in right place where you can find the very latest and updated new load shedding time table. At a same time, it is a good news for all Nepalese that load shedding is goind to end up very soon from our country Nepal. Let’s hope we will have those days very soon.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) decreased its load shedding schedule from Thursday. The new load shedding schedule is effective from 11th of August i.e 27th Shrawan.

New Load Shedding Schedule/Timetable : Updated

new load shedding schedule


According to Nepal Electricity Authority, it is working on plan to end load shedding at least from the valley area first and gradually from the whole part of country.

Managing Director of NEA , KulMan Ghising has adopted some action to free up the load shedding from the valley area.

According to the managing director of NEA, KulMan Ghising; during the festival time Dashain and Tihar the demand is at around 315MW but during the normal time the peak demand time is only 270 MW. For the case of valley, the total peak demand of energy in normal time is 190 MW.

The NEA has formed a high-level expert committee under the leadership of Rajeev Sharma, deputy managing director of the NEA, to study the possibility of providing uninterrupted electricity supply to the Valley.

According to Rajeev Sharma, they are working for the optimization of the valley substationa and distribution network.

Apart from managing the supply, the committee will also explore the possibility of generating additional power within the Valley. According to Committee member Prabal Adhikari, the NEA has received 15 proposals from private companies to generate electricity from various sources like solar and thermal plants.

Let’s hope NEA will end up the load shedding from Nepal very soon.

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