iPhone X Notch remover is Now Available in App Store

iphone X Notch Remover

iPhone X Notch remover is Now Available in App Store. Apple finally approves the iPhone X notch remover app for the App Store. Interestingly, an app of this type is seemingly forbidden by Apple’s developer’s guidelines for the iPhone X, anyway Apple has approved an app to get rid of notch on iPhone X.

Apple approves the app despite begging users and app creators to embrace the notch. Below is the paragraph regarding drawing attention to sensor housing.

“Don’t mask or call special attention to key display features. Don’t attempt to hide the device’s rounded corners, sensor housing, or indicator for accessing the Home screen by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.”

iphone X Notch Remover

iPhone X notch remover app is introduced by Axiem System, It will cost you $0.99.

Download Notch Remover

What the app actually does is add a black bar across the top of the selected images that the user can then manually assign as wallpaper in iOS settings. Steps to hide notch with Notch Remover is given below. But in real it actually does not remove the notch area.

In the App description of Notch remover too, it is mentioned that it just modifies the wallpaper to adjust for the notch and functionally it will not change the way that apps function or the way how videos looks in your iPhone X. It means notch remover only works on the home screen background and not on any other apps. So, if you are desperate to see fewer notches in your iPhone, probably $0.99 value notch remover will be the best option at the moment.

Moreover, even after the notch remover, device will still display the time, signal strength and battery life in their respective spaces. So, you cannot get rid of notch completely.

Here is how you can hide notch with iPhone X Notch Remover

  1. Download iPhone X Notch Remover app from App store
  2. Launch Notch Remover
  3. Tap Select Image
  4. Browse the images in your Camera roll and select image for wallpaper
  5. Tap Save to store the converted wallpaper image in our Photos library
  6. Go to Setting
  7. Select Wallpaper
  8. Select Choose New Wallpaper
  9. Select New Wallpaper, you can zoom in or out to align black bar displays correctly
  10. Tap Set, Choose Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen or Set Both

Finally, your notch will be removed from the from end display of home screen and lock screen.


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