Hydropower Share Investment in Nepal – Fill Hydropower Share Investor Form Online

hydropower share investment nepal

If you are seeking hydropower share investment in Nepal, it is good news that the Ministry of Energy, Government of Nepal open an online portal through which any Nepalese citizen can fill hydropower share investor form online and invest in hydropower.

In Nepal, generally, hydropower share investment is wise due to the very low-risk factor. These days many people are willing to invest in hydropower in Nepal.

Now we are going to show you how to fill hydropower share investor form online.

Steps to Fill Hydropower Share Investor Form Online

Step 1

At first, you have to go to the official website, which the Ministry of Energy launched, Government of Nepal, for share investment.  http://www.moenonline.moen.gov.np/login

Step 2

The page similar as shown below will appear,

Hit your email address.

Enter your password.

hydropower share investment

Step 3

Open your email, page similar to shown below will appear.

Click on the “Click Here to Confirm Your Account” option.

hydropower share investment

Step 4

You will redirect to Login Page,

Enter your Email address.

Enter your password.

Click “Login.”

Step 5

The page similar as shown below will appear,

Click on the link as shown in the picture below.

hydropower share investment

Step 6

Fill in all the information as shown in the below picture.

hydropower share investment

Janarda Sharma, “Minister of Energy, Government of Nepal,”; has released an official website through which all the people from Mechi to Mahakali can have their investment in Hydropower from their home. According to the Minister of Energy, Janardan Sharma, people can invest their share in Upper Arun, Dudhkoshi, Tamor, and Sunkoshi-III, and Nepal Government will be announcing many other Hydropower plants for investment.

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