Here is How to Vote in Nepal Idol in this Season: Updated

how to vote in nepal idol

Wondering! how to vote in Nepal Idol this season? We have gathered enough information for all voting methods in Nepal Idol, either from Nepal or abroad.

It is good news that even if you are not in Nepal, you can vote for your favorite contestant from abroad. Since the Nepal Idol is equally watched by the Nepalese people abroad, Nepal Idol gives an opportunity to select your favorite contestant and make him/her Idol.

Every vote is crucial for your favorite contestant to become an Idol, so let’s look at the option for you to vote your contestant this Season.

Ways to Vote in Nepal Idol this Season

Those who are casting their vote from Nepal would have both options to vote by SMS and online voting. However, if you are abroad and want to cast a vote, you have only one option, online voting. For the details of each voting method in Nepal Idol this Season, please see the description below.

1. By SMS

  1. Go to your message
  2. Create a new message
  3. Type voting code of contestant
  4. Send to 35225

2. Online Voting

If you want to vote for your favorite contestant by the Nepal Idol official App, you have to download the Nepal Idol App and vote for your contestant.

Nepal Idol’s official app is available for both Android and iOS users. To download the Android or iOS app of Nepal Idol, go through the link mentioned below.

Nepal Idol App for Android Users

Nepal Idol App for iOS Users

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