Here is How to Change Job in Qatar – A Comprehensive Guide

how to change job in Qatar

If you are not interested in your current job in Qatar, looking for another job or companies in Qatar and worried about the process for how to change job in Qatar, you are here in right place to follow the further steps.

If you are an Expat(a person who lives outside their native country), while changing any jobs or companies you should always be well known about the rules and regulations first.

Before going to the process to change job in Qatar, research enough about the current rules because rules and regulation for Expat might change according to the period of time.

On 13th December 2016 Qatari government introduce new labor law by ending the Kafala System for the welfare of foreign workers in the country.

After abolishing Kafala system expats and migrant workers no longer need their previous employer ’s permission to change job in Qatar at the end of their contract.

Before ending the Kafala system foreign workers were automatically banned for two years to change their job. So in that sense ending of the Kafala system gives great relief to the international workers in Qatar.

Even though Kafala system ends, If you are working in Qatar according to new contract based working rules for expat you will have either of the following contracts:

Indefinite Open-ended Contract Term

In this contract term if you have approval from Qatari government after your contract expired or you already worked for five years with your current employer you can change the job.

Definite Contract Term

In this contract term either your contract with the current employer should expire or if you want to change job before ending the contract you should get permission to change job from your current employer.

During the transition period of changing the job after termination of the contract, expat is eligible to stay in Qatar for three months to find the new job. To stay for three months in Qatar in the process to find the new job you should inform the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs(MADLSA). If you are not able to find the new job within that period then you are no longer eligible to stay and work in Qatar.

Here are The Steps How to Change Job in Qatar

According to Hukoomi of Qatar, you have to submit the application for change of employer to the Committee for Looking into Incomer’s  Applications affiliated to General Directorate for Border Passports and Expatriate at the Ministry of Interior.

You should have following requirements before submitting the application for the change of employer as an expat

  • You should have a job contract or job offer from your new employer to show your present employer as a notice of your job change
  • Make a No Objection Certificate from your current employer.
  • Get a police clearance from the embassy of your home country and get it attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar.

With the above document, you have to make a copy of the following document and submit them to the Criminal Evidence and Information Department.

  • Application form for changing employer
  • Company registration of current and new employer
  • Contract from the new employer
  • Residence permit and passport

Fees for the Services

According to Hukoomi of Qatar fees for:

  • Changing the employer for the first time: QR2000 for companies and QR1000 for individuals
  • Changing the employer for the second time: QR2500 for companies and QR1500 for individuals
  • Changing the employer for the third time: QR3000 for companies and QR2000 for individuals

Additional Information

Besides this process of how to change job in Qatar, to find a better job as per your qualification you can focus on the following things:


A great resume is the first key to get success in any job application no matter the type and post of the job. So before applying for a new job you should have an attractive resume.

The Internet helps you find jobs

Nowadays every company posts their vacancy announcement online before the newspaper. So keep checking big companies vacancy section of their website. You may get lucky and find the job as per your qualification.

Recruit Yourself

Before applying for any job recruiting yourself according to job criteria creates strong chances to get into the job. Qualification and experience are also one of the key measures to enroll in any type of job.


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