Healthy Summer Fruits; Highly Recommended !!!

Healthy Summer Fruits

Fresh fruits  are highly recommended and consumed during summer seasons. Juicy and citric fruits are especially known as most healthy summer fruits.

People are using different type of energy drinks and flavored sodas during summer to get rid of hot weather but to remain healthy and fresh during summer they can take some fresh and healthy fruits in summer season.

They can use those fresh fruits directly as well as by making fresh juice and smoothies.

Here we are going to list some of the healthy summer fruits and their benefits.

Healthy Summer Fruits 


Watermelon is most popular fruits during summer season. It is a juicy fruits containing 91% water within it. It is a fruit which is very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.


Orange is a citric juicy fruit which is very rich in vitamin C. We can get both sweet oranges and citrus oranges in the market and some of the oranges are bitter though.

Usually we prefer to take sweet oranges than a citric or bitter oranges.

Drinking an orange juice culture is famous all over the world and orange fruit is available throughout the world and it is also known as a healthy summer fruits.


Pineapple is a healthy summer fruits which are basically grown in summer seasons. Besides eating a ripe pineapple fruits it can be used in different cuisines.

Due to its juicy nature it is a very popular fruit in summer season.

Fresh pineapple juice is highly consumed throughout the world during summer. Pineapple is very rich in manganese and vitamin C.


Papaya is basically known as world’s healthiest food and it is very popular during summer because it is known as a healthy summer fruit.

Papaya is mostly grown or cultivated in tropical region of the world. It is also a fruit which is very rich in vitamin A and it also have various nutritional value.


Avocado is a very popular and healthy summer fruit. It is basically grown up in subtropical region of the world. It is a fruit having very high commercial values.

Besides in salad and juice it can be used in different international cuisines. It is also one of the natural fat cut fruit. It is very much beneficial to diabetes patient.


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