How to Buy Tickets for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia: World Cup Ticket Prices, Dates and Sales

Fifa World Cup 2018 Tickets

If you are planning to head Russia to attend FIFA World Cup 2018 which is going to begin on 14th of June 2018, NepSort’s guide has everything what you should to know how to buy tickets, where to buy tickets, ticket sales date, how to know if you are able to get the tickets or not, and finally how much ticket will cost.

This guide is prepared solely with intention of general guidelines and procedure to buy Tickets for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia, tickets can be purchased only from the official site of

How to Buy Tickets for FIFA World Cup 2018?

For the fair and transparent sales in FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets, FIFA has divided the sales of tickets into three phases.

Phase 1 Sale of Ticket:

First phase of ticket sales for FIFA World Cup 2018 has been gone on sale from 14th September 2017.

Further, first phase also divided into two sales periods.

First phase of phase 1 starts from 14th of September 2017 to 12th of October 2017. This ticketing is based on random selection draw basis.

Second phase of phase 1 starts from 16th of November 2017 to 28th of November 2017. This ticketing is based on first come first service basis.

In phase 1, you can buy tickets based on date and venue for which teams playing will be determined later or based on specific teams for which date and venue will be determined later.

Phase 2 Sale of Ticket:

Phase 2 sale of ticket will be available after the group stage draw set taken place on Friday, 1st of December in Moscow.

Like as the Phase 1 sales procedure, FIFA announced the phase 2 sale of ticket in similar way further divided into two sales periods.

First phase of phase 2 will be opened from 5th of December 2017 to 31st January 2018. This ticketing is based on random selection draw basis.

If demand of tickets does not exceed the available inventory for the given match or mentioned category of tickets, second phase of phase 2 will take place.

Second phase of phase 2 starts from 13th March 2018 to 3rd April 2018 based on first come first service.

Phase 3 Sale of Ticket:

This will be the last minute sales phase of tickets and will be available from 18th April 2018 to final match of the day for the FIFA World Cup 2018. These remaining tickets last minute sales will be available online as well as over the counter at the designated FIFA venue ticketing centers.

Types of Tickets for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia:

There are four different types of tickets, individual match tickets, venue specific tickets, team specific tickets and support tickets and conditional support tickets.

Individual Match Tickets:

If you are willing to buy specific match ticket, individual match tickets will be available for Match No. 1 to Match No. 61 which is the grand finale of 2018 FIFA World Cup. These tickets are available in all above mentioned phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 sales periods.

Venue Specific Ticket Series:

If you are willing to buy the tickets for specific venue, this ticket category will best fits for you. In venue specific tickets, you can buy the tickets for group matches except opening match, round of 16 as well as 3rd place match. Note that you cannot buy the quarter finals, semi finals and final tickets from this ticket category.

These tickets are available phase 1, may be offered in phase 2 and phase 3 sales periods.

Team Specific Ticket Series:

Team specific tickets series will allow you to follow the matches by your choice of national teams. There are two sorts of team specific ticket series, one is three matches in the group stages and another one is all seven matches including group stage, round 16, quarter final, semi final as well as final.

If you buy seven matches team specific ticket series, your selected national team is eliminated; your tickets will remain valid for such round or rounds dependent on the team specific ticket series of your choice in further rounds.

This category tickets are available only in phase 1 sales period of tickets.

Supporter Tickets & Conditional Supporter Tickets:

Supporter tickets are available for the group stage match played by any national teams from Match 1 to Match 48.

Conditional supporter tickets are available in condition basis if your selected national teams selected for the round 16, quarter final, semi final as well as final match.

If yours selected national team is unable to make space for the further round, your conditional supporter tickets will be refunded for the remaining match. Note that $10.00 as handling charge will be deducted in the equivalent refund.

These tickets will be available in Phase 2 random selection process only.

Where to buy tickets for FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia?

FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets will be available through Official Website for FIFA World Cup Ticketing 2018.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Ticket Price:

Fifa World Cup 2018 Russia Ticket Price

Photo Source:

It is mentioned that category 4 is exclusively for resident of Russia only. Category 1, 2 and 3 are available to all costumers all over the world.

These ticket prices apply to both adults and children regardless of the age of child.

Required For Identification:

All the fans who are attending the FIFA World Cup 2018 matches in Russia will need to apply for FAN ID. It is free and official identity document which is required by Russian authorities.

Additionally, FAN ID will benefit you for visa free entry to Russian Federation as well as free use of public transport on match days.


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