Sample Questions in F1 Visa Interview For USA

Sample Questions in F1 Visa Interview For USA

If you are looking for the F1 visa interview frequently asked question, you are in right place. Here you can find all possible question for F1 visa interview for USA.

America provides F1 visa to the international students. Every year many students from Nepal go to USA for study.

During visa application students should face an interview in the embassy. This is the most challenging part of visa process. While every student willing to go USA do not get visa. Therefore students must prepare well for interview.

Here we are going to include some clues for interview preparation. Similarly we will discuss about sample questions of F1 visa interview.

How to be prepared for F1 Visa Interview

Study plan For F1 visa interview question:

  • You must be well prepared about your study plan.
  • Why you choose USA for study?
  • Why did you choose the certain subject for study?
  • What is its implementation in Nepal?

University choice For F1 visa interview question:

  • Why did you choose this university?
  • Give reason why  you need to go USA for study?
  • Why you do not want to study in your own country?

Academic capability For F1 visa interview question:

  • How can you prove that you are capable for US universities?
  • How is your academic performance in your schooling?
  • Do you feel that you are capable student for USA?

Financial status For F1 visa interview question:

  • What is your source for expenditure in US?
  • Nepal is a poor country how can you assure me that you can pay your fee in dollars.
  • Is there any one in US to support you financially?
  • It is not so easy as you think here, what do you think?

Plan after the completion of study For F1 visa interview question:

  • What is your plan after the completion of your study in US?
  • Are you planning for further study in USA?
  • How will you assure me that you will back to you nation after study?
  • Do you know that there are many out of status international students in USA?
  • Are you dreaming for earning in USA?

About This Article:

This article is prepared by an author who is visa specialist of United States for and in reference with those candidates who are success in US visa interview and living in United States of America.


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