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If you are looking for the latest updates of EPS TOPIK Exam date and Result, you are in the right place to find all information in the same place.

EPS is the main gateway to work legally in South Korea. Every year thousands of people are employed by the South Korean Government through the EPS TOPIK Exam.

These days many youths group are attracted for the jobs in South Korea through EPS TOPIK exam because of good salary and nice facility.

If you are preparing for the EPS TOPIK exam we are continuously updating frequently asked question in the EPS TOPIK exam and latest result updates of EPS TOPIK result.

Result of 8TH EPS TOPIK: New Updates

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Important Notes for Examination:

All examiners should present before 30 minutes in assigned office.

If you are not able to attend in the office before 30 minutes with all required documents, you are not eligible to attend in the exam.

For the details of the required documents that you have to bring are listed below.

Important Documents that you have to bring:

  • All applicants must enter in the CBT hall before Orientation time.
  • All examiners must carry their Passport, Citizenship and Admit card.
  • Mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary and other electronic devices are not allowed in the exam hall.
  • If applicant is caught cheating, test will be void and the applicants are banned for next two years to appear in EPS TOPIK exam.
  • Even if you successfully pass the EPS TOPIK exam, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be employed in Korea. It only allows you to register your job application.

About This Article:

This article is prepared in reference with official website of EPS  Korea Section, Ministry of Labor and Employment. – EPS Korea Section

*Note: This article is updated in 11/16/2016.


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