EPL Live Table – Premier League Live Table Season 2019/2020

epl live table

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EPL Live Table – Premier League Live Table Season 2019/2020



History of Premier League

According to footballhistory.org, Premier League began in 1992/1993 which was called First Division of Football League prior to it.

Premier League is considered one of the best football league in the world. Though La Liga dominates the Premier League team in the biggest European Cup of Champions League, still Premier League is taken as the toughest competitive football league around the world.

Teams With Most Titles

These are the teams with most titles since 1993 when Premier League had started.

Club Titles
Manchester United 13
Chelsea 5
Manchester City 4
Arsenal 3
Blackburn Rovers 1
Leicester City 1


Note: These are the records only after the league had changed its name to Premier League since 1993. Going back to 1888 by the time when the official Football League had begun, Manchester United would still be on top with 20 titles and Liverpool has the second-best win with 18 titles.

Premier League Winner Year by Year

Season Winner Points
2018-19 Manchester City 98
2017-18 Manchester City 100
2016-17 Chelsea 93
2015-16 Leicester City 81
2014-15 Chelsea 87
2013-14 Manchester City 86
2012-13 Manchester United 89
2011-12 Manchester City 89
2010-11 Manchester United 80
2009-10 Chelsea 86
2008-09 Manchester United 90
2007-08 Manchester United 87
2006-07 Manchester United 89
2005-06 Chelsea 91
2004-05 Chelsea 95
2003-04 Arsenal 90
2002-03 Manchester United 83
2001-02 Arsenal 87
2000-01 Manchester United 80
1999-00 Manchester United 91
1998-99 Manchester United 79
1997-98 Arsenal 78
1996-97 Manchester United 75
1995-96 Manchester United 82
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers 89
1993-94 Manchester United 92
1992-93 Manchester United 84


Some Facts About Premier League

  • Bobby Zamora and Obafemi Martins are the two players who have scored Premier League penalties with both feet.
  • The most substituted player since 1993 in Premier League is Ryan Giggs. He had been substituted for 134 times.
  • Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale, and Kevin Davies are the only players to score, assist and score an own goal in the same Premier League game.
  • Peter Crouch has scored more headed goals than 16 of the teams who have played in the Premier League. He scored 50 headed goals.
  • Ducan Ferguson and Salomon Rondon are the only two players who have ever scored a hat-trick of headers in Premier League.
  • You might have heard more about Mario Balotelli, his only assist in Premier League was for Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goals vs QPR.
  • Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane, and Romelu Lukaku are the only three players who born after the Premier League began and have scored Premier League hat-trick.


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