What are the Eligibility Requirements for UK Temporary Work Visa – Seasonal Work Vis?

ligibility Requirements for UK Temporary Work Visa

The International Agreement Visa is a Temporary Work Visa available to individuals coming to the UK to travel and work under an international agreement, such as a treaty or convention.

The eligibility requirements for a UK Temporary Work Visa vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

The UK offers a range of temporary work visa options, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your expertise or purpose for visiting. Make sure to research and explore each option thoroughly to decide which route is right for you.

On the seasonal worker visa, you can work in horticulture and poultry. Visa holders can work up to 6 months in horticulture, picking fruits and vegetables. And also, they can work in poultry from Oct 18 to Dec 31 in the same year.

Here you will find the eligibility requirement for the especially Seasonal Worker Visa, one of the UK Temporary Worker Visa types. Other types of temporary visas may have slightly different requirements for eligibility than those necessary for seasonal worker visas.

Eligibility requirements of UK’s Seasonal Worker Visa

To be eligible for Seasonal Worker Temporary Work Visa visa, you must be:

1. Age: You should be 18 years or over with a valid passport

2. Sponsorship: You should have a Certificate of sponsorship which typically is a reference number provided by your sponsor in the United Kingdom. Usually, the validity of this certificate is 3 months.

3. Bank Balance: You should show proof of at least £1,270 equivalent of money in your bank account to support your stay in the UK.

You should always have access to the funds in your bank account for at least one month. However, proof of money may not be required if your sponsor helps you to cover your cost equivalent to the bank balance.

Furthermore, if a sponsor supports you, they must complete the “Sponsor Certifies Maintenance” portion under the Additional Data section of your application form.

Final Thoughts

We hope this checklist on eligibility requirements for Seasonal Worker Visa (Temporary Work) is helpful.

Regardless of your temporary work visa category, it is important to ensure that you meet all criteria when applying for a UK Temporary visa. Doing so will ensure your application is accepted and processed quickly.

If you are unsure about the UK Seasonal Worker Visa’s eligibility requirements, you can check the UK Government’s official website on visas and immigration services for additional details.

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