Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Common Cold

Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Common Cold

Common cold is a communicable viral disease. It is infected by a virus called rhinovirus.

Generally it affects the upper respiratory track of our body part like nose, throat, sinus and other body parts related to the upper respiratory track of our body.

It is very common viral disease which may occur due to allergies, contaminated water, cold etc.

You could have the following symptoms while suffering from common cold:

  • Sneezing
  • Nose Blow
  • Itchy Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Coughing
  • Headache
  • Fever

In some cases common cold may leads to Pneumonia.

Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Common Cold

You could have different natural way to get rid of this viral disease. Following are some natural remedy :

  • Hot Lemon:

As lemon is a citrus fruit it is the source of Vitamin C. Our body itself does not contain Vitamin C in our body.

Vitamin C contained in citrus fruits helps to absorb iron nutrients available in the body and it helps to remove the virus of common cold from our body.

You can mix natural honey and ginger slices in hot lemon to get easy breathing during common cold.

  • Inhalation of Steam:

Inhaling of steam through respiratory tract helps to clean the organs in respiratory system and helps us to make easy breathing and it reduces the viral infection which helps to get rid of common cold.

  • Fish and Sea foods:

Fish and other sea foods are very rich in zinc nutrients. Zinc is one of the nutrients which helps to remove the virus from our body.

You can eat all type of fishes and seafood while suffering from this viral disease to get zinc nutrients in the body to fight with rhinovirus.

  • Black Cumin Seeds:

Black cumin seeds is like a medicinal ingredients for different purposes. Black cumin helps to get rid us from common cold.

You can directly use black cumin seeds and also with hot water and also you can use the n your vegetables.

To get rid from common cold you can also use vicks vapor which could be easily available in your nearby pharmacy store.

During this viral infection you should keep yourself warm and stay away from cold and cold drinks.


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