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Classical and Folk Dance of Nepal

Classical Folk Dances in Nepal

Nepal is rich in classical and folk dances. Dance, song and music have a close and interdependent relationship.

Therefore one will be incomplete in the absence of other. A dance based on the ancient precept is known as classical dance.

While in Nepal there are several types of classical dances.

Similarly a dance based on folk tradition is folk dance.

Classical dance is performed with classical music whereas folk dance is performed with folk songs.

So the different types of classical and folk dances are as follow.

Nepali Folk Dances

Dhan Dance:

This is popular folk dance in Limbu community. It is also equally performed in Rai community. In this dance dancers hold their hands together. It is performed in social occasion and fairs.

Chandi Dance:

This dance is performed in Udhauli and Ubhauli festival of Kirat community of Nepal. They are found in the eastern hilly region of Nepal. This dance is performed by singing a Chandi song. While in this dance Dholak and Jhamta are played.

Dandi [ fagu ] Dance:

This dance is popular in eastern and mid Terai of Nepal. Dandi dance is performed by hitting sticks each other on the eve of holi. Dancers show good combination of timing while hitting sticks in such dances.

Kaura Dance:

Kaura dance is popular in Magar community of Nepal. The Magar people of western Nepal perform this dance. It is formed with Kaura songs. Nowadays people of other caste and communities also perform this dance. It is very much liked by youngster of Magar community.

Deuda Dance:

This dance is performed in a circle by joining shoulders together. It is popular in mid and far western region of Nepal. It is performed on the special occasions in these regions. People living in Kathmandu valley also gather and perform this dance on their special eve.

Sorathi Dance:

This is one of the classical dances performed in Gurung community. Gurungs are basically found in Gandaki zone of Nepal. However they are residing all over the country in traces. The Gurung youths perform this dance. Hence it is performed in several festival of Gurung community.


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