Here is How to Check SEE Result of This Year

check see result 2075

The National Examination Board has published the Secondary Education Examination Result (SEE Result) 2078 today. NepSort brings you a complete guide to check SEE Result 2078 via various methods.

If you are looking for SEE Result 2078, look no further. Here are the official methods to check SEE Result / SLC Result.

Official Methods to Check SEE Result 2078


Nepal Telecom provides the facility to check the SEE Result via SMS.

Here is a quick demonstration to check SEE Result via SMS of Nepal Telecom service.

  • Go to your message
  • Create a new message
  • Type SEE<space>Symbol Number
  • Send to 1600

Via Sparrow SMS

  • Go to your message
  • Create a new message
  • Type SEE<space>Symbol Number
  • Send to 35001

Via Nepal Telecom IVR System

  • Dial 1600 from any Nepal Telecom Numbers
  • Press the digit as per the instruction you listen through the IVR system.

Via Nepal Telecom GSM Numbers

  • Dial *1600*symbol number# from any Nepal Telecom GSM numbers

Note: Do not put the alphabet in this method.

Via official web pages

You can get the SEE Result / SLC result from the following web pages directly.

Via Office of the Controller of Examination

Via Nepal Telecom Website

National Examination Board’s Official Website

Department of Education

Via Ekantipur website

SEE Result Grading Criteria Overview

A+ = 90% and above (Grade Point 4.0) (Remark : Outstanding)

A = 89% to 80% (Grade Point 3.6) (Remark : Excellent)

B+ = 79% to 70% (Grade Point 3.2) (Remark : V Good)

B = 69% to 60% (Grade Point 2.8) (Remark : Good)

C+ = 59% to 50% (Grade Point 2.4) (Remark : Above Average)

C = 49% to 40% (Grade Point 2.0) (Remark : Average)

D+ = 39% to 30% (Grade Point 1.6) (Remark : Below Average)

D = 29% to 20% (Grade Point 1.2) (Remarks: Above Insufficient)

E = 19% and below (Grade Point 0.8) (Remark : Insufficient)

Note: Most of the higher secondary school admits the students for class 11 after SEE with the minimum grade of D+ and above. So it is very difficult to find a college who scored lower than D+ grade.

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