Vote Nepal Idol outside From Nepal – How to Vote Nepal Idol From Abroad

Vote Nepal Idol from abroad

If you are looking for how to vote Nepal Idol outside from Nepal, look no further. Here we will demonstrate you how to vote Nepal Idol outside from Nepal.


Nepal Idol has officially announce the new app for voting in final round. To download the new Nepal Idol Finale App go through the link given below in download section or you can go through the link given here : New Nepal Idol Final AppDownload

Nepal Idol voting has been already opened from 22nd June at 8:45 pm. Do not delay; vote your favorite contestant to make him/her the very first Nepal Idol.

It is a good news that even if you are not in Nepal, you can vote your favorite contestant from abroad. Since, the Nepal Idol is equally watched by the Nepalese people in abroad, Nepal Idol gives an opportunity to select your favorite contestant and make him/her Idol.

Updates: Here is To Vote in Nepal Final Round

How to Vote Nepal Idol outside From Nepal – Nepal Idol Voting Apps

The only way to vote Nepal Idol outside from Nepal is by Nepal Idol official App. Nepal Idol had launched its own App for voting from abroad.

If you want to vote your favorite contestant by Nepal Idol official App, you have to download the Nepal Idol App and vote your contestant.

Nepal Idol official app is available for both android and iOS users. To download the android or iOS app of Nepal Idol go through the link mentioned below.

Nepal Idol App for Android Users

Nepal Idol App for iOS Users

Nepal Idol Voting Code of Finale Contestants:

Below are the voting codes of the Participants. Choose your Fav Participants and Vote them.

No. Name of Nepal Idol Participants Voting Code
1 Buddha Lama Code 03
2 Nishan Bhattarai Code 07
3 Pratap Das Code 10

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