Announcement of Special EPS TOPIK 2018 Examination

Special EPS TOPIK 2018 Examination

Ministry of Employment and Labor Korea and Human Resources Development (HRD) Korea has re-opened previously suspended Special EPS TOPIK for 2018. NepSort has learned that, Special EPS TOPIK 2018 will be implemented twice (semiannually) this year.

Due to an expected increase of committed workers in 2017, Ministry of Employment and Labor Korea and HRD Korea had suspended the implementation of Special EPS TOPIK last year.

Test Qualification of Special EPS TOPIK 2018

Those who voluntarily left South Korea within their permitted sojourn period after January 1st 2010, will be eligible to appear in Special EPS TOPIK 2018 examination.

Beside Filipino, rest countries persons aged between 18 and 39 are qualified for this examination. In case of the Filipinos, age criteria is in between 18 and 38.

Additionally, persons who have been convicted of imprisonment or heavier punishment, who have record of deportation or departure orders from Korea and who are restricted from departure of home country are disqualified for Special EPS TOPIK 2018 examination.

As well as persons who have 5 years duration of sojourn with E-9 and E-10 visa in Korea will be also disqualified from this examination.

Test Schedule

It is claimed that Special EPS TOPIK 2018 examination will be held twice : semiannually, in 2018. Registration for application will begin in 1st of April 2018 and 2nd of August 2018. However, this is only the tentative schedule, detailed scheduled has not been announced yet. NepSort will ley you know when detailed scheduled for the examination is published.

From this year, examiner can take the advantages of extra points by involving in resettlement support training programs.

Those who have TOPIK Level 3 or higher will get extra 20 points and after completion of TOPIK Level 3 course they will get again extra 5 points.

Likewise, who complete job skill training for employment or starting business will get extra 5 points.

It is to be noted that for all of these above mentioned course there is exemption of test fee.


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