Nepal Idol Finalist 2017 – First Nepal Idol Final Contestants

Nepal Idol Finalist 2017

Buddha Lama, Pratap Das, and Nishan Bhattarai become the luckiest Nepal Idol Finalist for 2017, i.e., the first Nepal Idol final contestant in the first most popular singing reality program of Nepal. Unfortunately, Sagar Ale could not make space for Nepal Idol Finalist 2017.


Nepal Idol has officially announced the new app for voting in the final round. To download the new Nepal Idol Finale App, go through the link given below in the download section, or you can go through the link provided here: New Nepal Idol Final AppDownload.

As we all know last Gala Round audition held on the 8th of September 2017 is even more popular than ever. Since the case of no elimination on 1st of September 2107 audition is reached up to the Kathmandu District Court and has issued an interim order to stop counting the votes. But on the 7th of September 2017 Court scraps a case against Nepal Idol, citing an insufficient claim.

Anyway, below are the name and contestant and their voting code those will compete on the historic first Nepal Idol Final show.

Nepal Idol Finalist 2017 and Their Voting Code

Buddha Lama:: Voting code 03

Nishan Bhattarai:: Voting code 07

Pratap Das :: Voting code 10

Nepal Idol Top 4 Voting Result

However, today we receive exclusive information about who has received how many votes from SMS and how many votes they receive from Nepal Idol Official App. According to the authentic copy records that Nepal Idol submits in Kathmandu District court is as follows.

SMS Voting Count from Nepal:

  • Buddha Lama :: 6,91,057
  • Pratap Das :: 7,14,999
  • Nishan Bhattarai :: 5,00,331
  • Sagar Ale :: 4,19,875

Online Voting Count from Nepal Idol Official App:

  • Buddha Lama :: 4,54,481
  • Sagar Ale :: 3,90,040
  • Nishan Bhattarai :: 3,71,149
  • Pratap Das :: 1,78,348

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Even more with this, just let you know; the Nepal Idol team has already declared that its grand finale will be held in Qatar. Finale will be jointly organized by On Action International and Everest Nepal Youth Association at Asian Town Industrial Area Ground on Friday, September 22.

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