EPS TOPIK 2018 Schedule for Registration, Examination & Result

eps topik 2018 schedule

Ministry of Employment and Labor Korea & Human Resources Development (HRD) Korea has published EPS TOPIK 2018 schedule for application and testing including Korea and overseas.

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NepSort has learned that, TOPIK test will be conducting six times for this year 2018. In the January of 2018, 56th TOPIK test will be conducting only in Korea. Rest five 57th , 58th , 59th , 60th and 61st TOPIK test will be conducting in Korea and overseas in April, May, July, October and November of 2018 respectively.

EPS TOPIK 2018 Schedule for Registration, Examination & Result


Exam Registration Test Date Result Time Remarks
56th TOPIK 2017.12.11 –  2017.12.18 January 14, 2018 February 1 Korea Only
57th TOPIK 2018.01.29-2018.02.05 April 14-15, 2018 May 24 Worldwide
58th TOPIK 2018.03.05-2018.03.12 May 19-20, 2018 June 28 Worldwide
59th TOPIK 2018.05.21-2018.05.28 July 15, 2018 August 3 Worldwide
60th TOPIK 2018.08.06-2018.08.13 October 20-21, 2018 November 29 Worldwide
61st TOPIK 2018.09.03-2018.09.10 November 17-18, 2018 December 20 Worldwide



Registration date might vary in overseas. You can contact to the designated institution in your country. For those who are willing to take TOPIK in overseas, you should apply through a designated institution in your home country.

Result will be announced at 15:00 (time in Korea) on the result dates. Test results are announced at the TOPIK website ( and individual score reports are sent to all test takers regardless of pass or fail.

When checking through the website, you should know the test number (for an example if you took the 58th test, it will be be 58) as well as your application number and birth date.

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If you have any question or confusion, you do have following options:

  • Contact to your home country Korean Embassy
  • Contact to the designated institution for TOPIK exam
  • Contact to Korean Culture Center
  • Visit official website at
  • Contact NIIED office – 81, Ihwajang-gil, Jongno-gu,Seoul,110-810, Rebublic of Korea, Tel: +82-2-3668-1331 , Fax: +82-2-741-7408

For you convenience, we have listed details about EPS TOPIK 2018 test schedule in your home country. You can check the exam venue and registration date in your home country local time from the link given below.

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