Download MobStar App From Here

Download MobStar App

If you are looking to download MobStar app either for Android or iOS devices, you are in right place. You can download MobStar app from here.

Especially if you are willing to your favorite beauty contestant for the Miss World Multimedia Award 2018, MobStar app is the one you may perhaps willing to download.

What is MobStar app?

It is a Social talent discovery, support, & development platform. It is the first mobile platform for global talent that enables direct engagement between talents and fans.

Is MobStar app is Free?

Yes, MobStar app is free to download for both Android devices and iOS devices.

How to sign up in MobStar app?

Signing up process is very easy in MobStar app. There are two options to sing up for the very first time. Either you can use the google account to sign up or you can use the Facebook account to sign up. Especially, if your Facebook is already signing in your phone, signing up through Facebook is less time consuming and easier process.

Download MobStar App

You can download the MobStar app from here:

For Android devices – Download MobStar Official App

For iOS devices – Download MobStar Offical App

What is the voting procedure for Shrinkhala Khatiwada by using MobStar app in Miss World Multimedia Award 2018?

Here is How to Vote Shrinkhala Khatiwada in Miss World Multimedia Award 2018

Step 1:

Download the official app of MobStar.

You can download MobStar official app from here – Download Now.

Step 2:

Sign in through either your Google account or Facebook account.

Signing up through the Facebook is less time consuming and easier process so you can do on your choice.

Step 3:

Search the name – Shrinkhala Khatiwada.

You will see ‘Shrinkhala’ having a blue tick in Android devices, yellow tick in iOS devices.

Step 4:

Click on ‘Shrinkhala’ and you will be redirected to her profile.

There are the top you can see the ‘Follow’ option.

Click on that ‘Follow’ button.

Step 5:

As soon as you follow her, scroll the page where you can see her posts.

Now, you must swipe the posts from left to right that you can see in her profile.

As soon as you swipe to the right, it shows, ‘Yes’.
That means your vote is casted.

Step 6:

Besides swiping the posts, you can comment on her posts too, since every comment you will do on her post counted as a vote.


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