Class 10 Board Exam Preparation Tips

Class 10 Board Exam Preparation Capsule for Mathematics

Class 10 Board Exam Preparation Capsule for Mathematics:

It is class 10 board exam preparation capsule of Mathematics. After the eighth amendment in education act, schooling leaving certificate exam will be in class 12.

However a kind of board exam will be at the end of grade 10. This board is also equally important for the students. Therefore in this article we have included the practice questions for mathematics.

  1. In a survey of 500 tourists, 350 like Pokhara, 40% like Chitwan and number of tourist who like both places is half of whom like Chitwan. Using Venn-diagram, find how many like only one place.
  2. The larger of two positive numbers is 5 more than twice the smaller. Find the two numbers if their product is 18.
  3. A post and flagstaff on the post subtend angles of 450 and 150 respectively at a point 75 feet      from the foot of the post. Find the length of the flagstaff.
  4. Bigyan can do of a work in 9 days. He calls Amar to finish the remaining work. They work together and finish in 6 days. How many days will be taken by Amar to finish the work alone?
  5. A person sells a watch at a discount of 10% loses Rs.150. If he allows 5% discount, he gains Rs.125. Find the marked price and cost price of the watch.
  6. The annual compound interest on a sum of money in 2 years and 3 years are Rs.210 and Rs.331. Find the rate of interest.
  7. In a survey of some people, it was found that 60 people like to drink milk, 40 do not like to drink milk, 70 like to drink tea, 15 like tea but not milk. Using Venn diagram, find the number of students who do not like to drink both of them
  8. The ages of two girls are in the ratio 2:3, 6 years hence the ratio of their ages will be 11:15. Find their present ages
  9. From the top of a tower of height 61.6 m, the angle of depression to the top of tree of height 10.6 m is found to be 600. Find the distance between the tower and tree.
  10. 16 men can finish 1 work in 30 days. When should 8 men leave the work so that it may finish in 40 days?
  11. A watch is sold at Rs.4140 after allowing 10% discount on the marked price and adding 15% VAT. Find the discount and VAT amount.
  12. At a certain rate of yearly compound interest, a sum of money amounts to Rs.66550 in 3 years and Rs.73205 in 4 years. Find the rate of interest and sum.
  13. Verify experimentally that the angle AKT at the circumference is half of the angle TEA at the center E of a circle standing on the same arc AT. (Drawing circles with radii more than 3 cm of different size is necessary.)
  14. A contractor had to finish a piece of work in 60 days and he employed 60 laborers to do the work. They finished one-third of the work in 40 days. How many more laborers should be added to finish the work in the specified time?
  15. After allowing 15% discount on the marked price of an article 13% VAT was levied on the remaining amount, then the price of the article becomes Rs.13, 447. Find the marked price of the article.
  16. The compound amount of a sum of money in 3 years is Rs.13, 310 and in 4 years is Rs.14, 641. Find the compound rate of interest and the sum.
  17. Prove that the angle at the center of a circle is twice the angle at its circumference standing on same arc PQ.

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