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Canada Express Entry Immigration Process – Step by Step Guide

canada enpress entry immigration process Canada express entry immigration system is the new process to immigrate in Canada in short period of time. Since the January, 2015 Canadian government start to take the skilled worker and many other business people all over the world under the different immigration category through the express entry program. If you have at least one […] Continue reading →

10 Reasons Why To Visit Nepal | Reason To Visit Nepal

10 reason to visit nepal In this article we discuss about 10 reasons why you should visit Nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country in Asia continent. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Pokhara, Chitwan, Bhairahawa are some other major touristic destination.  It lies between China and India. The area of Nepal is 147181 sq. km. Though Nepal is small […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Places You Should Visit Once in Your Life

Top 10 Places You Should Visit Once in Your Life If you are looking for the top 10 places to visit once in your life, you are in right place where you can find this information. We listed these places in accordance of their popularity and their reviews by visitors. Here we discuss about top 10 places you should visit in your life. These top […] Continue reading →

World’s Highest and Longest Glass Bridge Opens in China

World’s Highest and Longest Glass Bridge Opens in China World’s highest and Longest Glass Bridge in China In the era of modern world, China Shows it’s one after another world’s surprising invention. To continuing this series, in the August of 2016 China opens the world’s highest and longest glass bridge ever made. Thousands of thrill seekers have been steeling themselves to walk across the […] Continue reading →

World Famous Bungee Jump Spot

world famous bungee jump spot If you are looking for the World famous bungee jump spot, you are in right place where you can find all information of world famous bungee jump spot. The listing of world famous bungee jump spot are in accordance to their adventurous, popularity and their reviews. Bungee Jumping is a highly adventurous game which basically […] Continue reading →

Amazing Beach USA ; Should Go Once in Life!!!

amazing beach USA During the summer vacation and long holidays most of the people prefer in visiting the beaches around so here we are going to list some of the amazing beach USA. Amazing Beach USA Must Visit Once in Life: CORONADO BEACH: Coronado central beach is located in the city Coronado, California which stretches 1.5 miles behind the […] Continue reading →

Cheapest Tourist Destination in the World !!!

cheapest tourist destination American business magazine; FORBES listed Pokhara as the cheapest tourist destination in the world to visit. Pokhara is one of the most beautiful places in the world which lies in Nepal. Nepal is a land locked country in South Asia in between China and India. It is a country full of mountains and rivers with […] Continue reading →